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March 24, 2014
March 31, 2014
pantone colors
March 24, 2014
March 31, 2014
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Tula who?

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Gray and windy today, but spring is coming. Didn’t need a hat today while walking the dog! To me that’s great progress toward warmer weather.

I am intrigued with the work of Tula Pink. She is a fairly new designer on the quilting scene. I first learned of her on a Sewing with Nancy episode and loved her take on some vintage type patterns with very modern looking fabrics and color choices. She designs fabric which makes up into gorgeous quilts (IMHO). I’ve been looking around for a shop carrying her lines without success so far. Does anyone know where I can find a good choice of her fabrics? If you’re on shop hops this spring, keep an eye out for me if you would, please.

Here are a couple of links to help you get to know more of Tula’s work:

Up close views of some of her quilts, with spectacular quilting by Angela Walters: click here

A slide show tour of Tula’s home and workspace: click here

her blog: click here

free Tula patterns: click here

Tell me, do you like Tula’s work as much as I do? Got any other names I ought to check out?


  1. JoAnn Castiglia says:

    Love Tula Pink ever since the community service meeting when we heard speaker from WNY Modern Quilt Guild. My granddaughter was there and she fell in love with modern quilting. Gave her a subscription to Quilty Magazine as X-mas gift!!!

  2. Mary Ellen says:

    I love that magazine too!

  3. Rebecca says:

    I think Elmwood Village Fabrics may have a piece or two of her fabrics.

  4. Mary Ellen says:

    Where is Elmwood’s new location? Drove by the old spot on Elmwood at Bidwell and they’re gone from there.

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