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March 12, 2014
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March 23, 2014
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It’s our weekend!!

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

It’s International Quilt Weekend. Got anything special planned as a way to celebrate? Over at “The Quilt Show” Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims are making all of their shows (all 169 of them) free for viewing just for this weekend. I gave up my paid subscription after the first year, so I’m going over sometime this weekend to explore and see what I can find. I know our upcoming seminar teacher, Bonnie Hunter, has taped some shows with them. So also have many of our past instructors. I’m sure you’ll find shows featuring some of your favorites. It’s only free for this weekend, so make some time for yourself to view and relax.  Click here.


  1. Robi Witulski says:

    Thanks for sharing. On my second cup of coffee this morning, so I will definitely take a look. The dusting, vacuuming, and floor washing can wait!

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