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November 20, 2013
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November 22, 2013
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Stitched snowflakes

Good morning all, Mary Ellen here.

Coffee in hand, cruising some blogs. My favorite morning routine. Soon to go up to the sewing room.

I’m still looking around for some easy handmade holiday gifts and fun. When I want classy rather than cutesy, I often will visit the Purl Bee site. I first found it as a knitting site, but they have lovely patchwork crafts too. Someday I’m going to go to NYC to visit the actual store; I think I’ll have to allot an entire day for browsing!

First off, I have a few of the Edyta Sitar snowflake silhouettes left after finishing another project. The pattern for that project includes an ornament idea in it that just doesn’t feel quite right. I’m going to adapt this idea from PurlBee (click here) and use up some felted wool scraps.  I’m think two layers of wool plus the fused silhouette, add some stitching and good to go. This is going to be an experiment, as I’m not certain that it will be firm enough to hang and not droop. If it does, I have an idea for firming it up. Will report back!

See you at the guild meeting tonight?!

Of course I looked around at other things while at PurlBee (virtually) and love, love, love this knitted stocking. I have a collection of Christmas stockings that I have made, that have been gifts, and one or two were purchased. I may have to add this one (click here). If I don’t make the stocking, I’ll still try out this stitch for a scarf or something. It is so simple looking, lovely and classic. Seems very Irish to me. Would require some beautiful (read pricey) yarn to maximize the loveliness!

Off to the sewing room–packaging the blog candy up and then sitting down to stitch.


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