Wednesday’s Wanderings…to Market again!

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November 5, 2013
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November 11, 2013
What’s Up with Me…
November 5, 2013
Christmas crafting and whatnot
November 11, 2013
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Wednesday’s Wanderings…to Market again!

Hi everyone,

as I wonder around cyber-space and blogosphere, everything still buzzes about the recent Quilt Market in Houston – what was most popular, what was fun, eye-candy…anything. So I thought you would want to know too!

Here is one from Moda fabric, they talk about how it all comes together for the big show – see it HERE . But keep scrolling down, there is more in previous posts!

One of the leading modern quilters, Victoria Findley-Wolfe gives a simple slide show from the Festival (eye-candy!) HERE

Speaking of eye-candy, I was so taken by this wonderful video, made by Alex Anderson, about the special exhibit of Libby Lehman’s quilts. Many of you know Libby’s work and hopefully you even took a class with Libby when she was our Seminar teacher (that was my second time and loved it all!). She is an amazing artist and a very good teacher and unfortunately, she suffered a very severe stroke recently, but is recovering well. This exhibit was a way to honor and support Libby and it is breathtaking! You can see it HERE

Another artist I love and follow is long-arm quilter and fabric designer, Angela Walters>

Angelas quiltIsn’t this a very unusual quilt? Wholecloth? Applique? All of the above? Or as Angela calls it “quilt it up, cut it up” ! Like it or not, you will love reading abouth it, trust me! I think I want to try something like that… See it HERE

If you follow and like new, modern designers and fabrics, you likely know about Hawthorne Threads site. They too have amazing re-cap of Quilt Market, even devided by designers…So see what’s new from Anna Maria Horner   Amy Butler  Denyse Schmidt or one and only, Tula Pink

What are your feelings on all the modern design, fabric and style? Like it, not, so-so? Are you intrigued? Please chat with us here – leave a comment!

I am so very intrigued and actually very inspired! I can’t say that ALL of it speaks to me, and just because it is “modern” or “in” right now doesn’t mean it is ALL good, but it IS the future of our beloved art of quilting and the mere fact that there is so many new, young designers, quilters and makers out there is pure joy to me! How about you?

Speaking of joy – I had a moment of it, just yesterday morning! You know how one gets into a routine, get up, go to work, hurry..hurry… I do the same lots of times but also lately, I try to pay attention. Pay attention to beauty around me, colors, sounds, little things…Of course when autumn colors are ablaze, sun is shining, (even if it is chilly), and sky is amazingly blue, it is not difficult to do that. But yesterday morning – I really stopped, right as I was walking from the parking lot to my work building – I stopped to look a bit closely and even take photos! It didn’t take a long time, I wasn’t late nor did I miss anything because I didn’t hurry, hurry…I just got a moment of joy.

So here is is my friends, sharing my photos with you:


This combination of golds, bright sky-blue and almost black tree bark is just beautiful…

???????????????????????????????Sometimes fall greens are even more bright than spring ones!

???????????????????????????????This is not an evergreen that is dying, it is one that looses needles every winter – isn’t this color amazing?

???????????????????????????????Even my work building looks amazing! 🙂 An abstract quilt, right there…

???????????????????????????????Love the yule bush and its fruit!

???????????????????????????????Hmmm….another great looking botanical structure… 🙂

???????????????????????????????And just look at the texture of this grass – how can you not smile at all this beauty! SMILE! 🙂

Wishing you lots of small moment of joy,



  1. susan kogler says:

    You are not only, a good observer but an excellent photographer. Your pics are always inspiring.

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