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July 30, 2013
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August 1, 2013
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just a smile opportunity

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Do you know what yarn-bombing is? I’ve never seen a yarn-bomb “in person” but have viewed many posts about them in my internet travels. Yarn-bombing is the placement of knitted works in surprising urban settings. For example, putting a knitted sweater on a fire hydrant along a busy street. Just introduces a pop of color into an otherwise gray environment. Maybe one would call it knitted graffiti? But somehow I don’t find “yarn-bombing” to be damaging to another’s property. After all if the owner or caretaker of the property doesn’t want it, the yarn-bomb is quite easily removed. Disagree? Personally I would love to come across one of these installations of yarn-art.

That brings me to a loosely tied group called “Dispatchwork”. They install Lego art in surprising places. Again it doesn’t seem to be vandalism in my scope, but you might disagree. I think they are smile opportunities. See what you think. At the link I will give at the end of the post, you will come to a world map. Click on the map or the list of cities to be taken to photos and perhaps a short commentary about the “work”. Enjoy and let me know whether you think this sort of thing falls into the vandalism category or is harmless. What’s the connection to quilting you might wonder? The surfaces of the Lego insertion look like little 3D quilts to me-blocks of color, some random, some planned. The name of the group is “quilty” so perhaps the organizers see a connections too. And does everything have to be quilt related anyway?

Click here.


  1. susan says:

    I went to look at Italy’s pic. Very interesting….not disrespectful.

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