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July 30, 2013
just a smile opportunity
July 31, 2013
quilting supplies-cheap!
July 30, 2013
just a smile opportunity
July 31, 2013
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Summer inspirations and catch-up

Hi everyone,

time to get out of summer lull  and get blogging again! 🙂

It is mind-boggling to me how in the summer, when days are longer and all that, I seem to have less time for everything? When I say “everything”, I guess I sub-consciously mean quilting, sewing…all that kind of favorite fun, he…he… Does that happen to you?

I know we all spend more time outside, tend to our gardens…but still, I always think I should have more time? As I said, mind-boggling.

Speaking of garden – this was definitely the year for roses? Mine were just exploding everywhere and making me so happy! I guess the years of protecting them, feeding them, cleaning them from pest do pay out sometimes…

???????????????????????????????“Forth of July” is one of my favorite rose and I think it will make me do a red and white quilt one of these days – it is just such a riotously happy flower, don’t you think?

IMG_7029 ???????????????????????????????Oh wait, I know someone who already did make a fabulous red and white quilt, and so do you!

IMG_7150Doesn’t Robi’s Seminar class sample, (Red Triangle Scrap Bonanza) fit so perfectly with my roses? We had so much fun doing the photo shoot! It also went so well with my, larger-than-life white Clematis flowers that were blooming right next to the roses:

IMG_7145So how’s that for some color AND Seminar inspiration? Did you choose your classes already? I have to admit that I have conflicts – wish I can be in two classes at the same time! How about you?

Although computer time may be less, I still find these interesting things in cyber-space that immediately make me think I need to share them here…Like this new, and I mean NEW looking sewing machine:

alto-new sewing machineCan you believe it? I do LOVE the design, just not sure if it would do the job…But here is the link to read some more about it. What do you think – yay or nay?

And how about some no-sew fabric fun for a summer day? I just love, love, LOVE these hooped fabric decorations/storage solutions – as soon as I saw it, had to try and then thought they would be great in holiday fabrics, as card holders! Check it out HERE and let me know what you think? For us quilters, we would use fabric for both pieces and just folding the pocket fabric in half makes it a finished edge. Of course I didn’t take any pictures of the one I tried, so must go back to the sewing room and do that – will report back! 🙂

I also found this nice blog with several links for tutorials for small projects to use your scraps and…zippers!

For the end, here is a really cute way to make coasters or mug rugs, and of course use your scraps again. The bonus is that if you use different colors for each, they can also serve as glass identifiers, like wine glass rings – another one I will have to try!

Well my friends my wait is over (finished work and waiting for husband to finish so we can go home), so I will wrap up here! On to make some dinner and plan tomorrow’s special dinner since our daughter is finally coming home from one of her overseas trips – YAY!! I already have some very interesting recipes on Pinterest I want to try! Do you do Pinterest? How do you use it and like it?

Have a great week ahead,


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