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July 5, 2013
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July 27, 2013
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just wondering…

Hello all, Mary Ellen once again,

If you’ve ever wondered why the thread tension on your machine is so important and sometimes so finicky, perhaps this animation of the formation of a stitch will clear up some of the confusion. Found a link to this at the selvage blog-great fun for fans of selvage quilts. Have a look here.

If you’ve ever wondered how you could put zentangle into your quilts, here’s a nifty tutorial. Great for collectors or black and white fabrics like myself. Even small scraps could be put to use. (click here) I love this idea, and am definitely putting on my list.

Some more “zentangle-ish” sketches from a quilter. Like the notebook idea she has. Scroll down a bit in her blog to see the “gray-haired” lady in her quilt. I can’t tell if the hair is selvages or just black and white strips, but I like it either way. (click here)

Spent the whole day in the garden beds yesterday. It’s been a great year actually for growing things. Between the thriving perennials and the overgrown weeds, I had a jungle beginning to take over the back yard. Things are much better now. I should have waited until today-the temperature is so much nicer! I think I’ll tackle a few more beds this evening, off to the sewing machine today. More samples for seminar are in the works.


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