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July 3, 2013
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July 11, 2013
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what our quilts are worth

hello all, Mary Ellen back.

I just came across this discussion at another blog on what our quilts are actually worth. I’m not talking the “sentimental” value. Quilts made and given from the heart are priceless. This discussion was among women selling quilts as an income. Those in the discussion are not the big name “professional” quilters, but are woman like us adding to the family income to pay for groceries, electricity, school clothes, prescriptions, etc. You know what I mean. Even though many were selling at craft shows or other small venues, they were wondering what they should charge for the time, materials and expertise in their items.

I will admit that I usually under charge for the quilts/quilted items that I sell. Now that I look over the calculations in the post I will link to at the end, I am REALLY under charging. Granted there is a big difference between what a quilt is worth, and what you can get for it. I am always surprised at how little quilters charge in the boutiques at guild quilt shows. We should be educating the public, even if gently, about what our art and craft is worth. Have a look at this post (click here) and the follow ups to it to see if you agree. Be sure to read the comments that other readers have left. Very interesting discussion. If we don’t place a reasonable value on our work, those purchasing it never will either.

Perhaps those of us selling our work at the museum could consider getting together on some pricing guidelines.  Perhaps a summary of this woman’s main points would be eye-opening for the browsers in the museum country store.

I’d love to hear your opinions about this and perhaps your experiences, particularly if you sell your work.


  1. Marie says:

    Reading your post, I wonder if the sellers have to pay a commission to the stores/ galleries they exhibit at much like artists? This does tend to inflate the cost of the items by 40%.

  2. susan says:

    I agree with the author about the price. I have donated pieces to an organization for their Chinese raffle and been sickened by what was paid for it. I have since stopped offering items. Is there some way that there could be a paragraph, or two, in the front of the booklet we issue for the quilt show?

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