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May 20, 2013
Moda School house
May 22, 2013
the wrong side
May 20, 2013
Moda School house
May 22, 2013
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May Guild meeting photos

Hi everyone,

as always, I am a bit late but hey – at least I am consistent! :)

May meeting was really great! Our guest, Dennis Foster is truly amazing kite-maker and quilter, don’t you think? I am so proud to be able to say that I had a little bit to do with him becoming a quilter and it was and always is such a pleasure having him in my class. You can count on Dennis to come back with a masterpiece of his own after taking a class – teacher’s biggest reward! :)

So he started by showing us one of the early kites he made:IMG_6320Some smaller ones too (but so cool-looking, don’t you think?)

IMG_6322 IMG_6323And then came Bargello design kites – SPECTACULAR!

IMG_6333IMG_6339IMG_6348Or how about some optical illusions effect:

IMG_6399IMG_6347Bar-code anyone?

IMG_6397Dennis’ big inspiration are quilt patterns and designs – so how about this for Ricky Tims’ Kaleidoscope:

IMG_6352Or a bit bigger one:

IMG_6358Even bigger and more spectacular:

IMG_6364Oh and for a glimpse on how amazing these look while flying in the sky, you put the lite against the window:

IMG_6367Amazing, right?

Some other classic quilt patterns are Dennis’ inspiration too:

IMG_6369Or New York beauty:

IMG_6382Or Renae Merrill’s spirals:

IMG_6372And then some amazing original designs – start on the paper first:

IMG_6374And then make a spectacular kite:

IMG_6376Or maybe this one:

IMG_6380All I can say is – AMAZING!

Oh and if you are wondering – yes, Dennis makes amazing quilts too! Kaleidoscope one:

IMG_6355New York beauty:

IMG_6387Or this flowery design by yours truly (I am so proud! :) )

IMG_6351How is all this for an inspirational work? Dennis’ kites are so spectacular – now we all need to see them fly in the sky! And YES, the all DO fly well! How amazing is that?

I can’t wait to see what is the next marvelous kite coming out of the Dennis Foster workshop – we must ask him to come again!

Have a colorful Tuesday in flying colors,



  1. Ina says:

    Thanks for sharing the photos since I couldn’t get the meeting.

  2. Kathy Tomasulo says:

    I am so sad that I missed this program! The pictures are truly amazing and how creative Dennis is. Spring was also the perfect time to bring out the kites and get people in the spirit of warm weather. Thank you for sharing the photos.

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