Modern Quilting – lets talk about it again!

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April 5, 2013
this and that again!
April 12, 2013
back in business
April 5, 2013
this and that again!
April 12, 2013
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Modern Quilting – lets talk about it again!

Hi everyone,

happy Friday to all! Isn’t just beautiful outside? Morning was sunny but still fresh and crispy and birds seem to be in a specially good mood today – singing with a rhythm given by several woodpeckers! Have to say – it was hard coming back into the house and getting ready for work…:)

OK, back to subject – we talked about modern quilting here before. And we could talk forever about it all, in terms of what it really is, where it comes from, is it really “new” or “modern” and all that…lots and lots of views, opinions and topics for discussion, right? I hope we talk some more too! For me – like in any creative expression or art – there are things that speak to me and there are things that don’t, quilts that move me and quilts that don’t…but here is what I hold the most dear and what I think is really, really important and down right – fabulous: modern quilting movement brings a treasure trove of young women into this creative field we all love so much. Young professionals, mothers with little ones, busy, busy women who are, despite all that willing to sacrifice some sleep to do something creative, to make something beautiful out of pieces of fabric. They are all willing to learn the craft but then do it their own way, embrace tradition but grow their own creative form and in all that contribute to what quilting really is – a the most beautiful and vivid window into women’s life, in  only,ANY time of history.
Now – does that mean that modern quilting (as a group, or movement, or style) is just for young women (and here I mean young by birth date only, of course! 🙂  ) – definitely NOT! Age really has nothing to do with it all, don’t you think? It is all about what we feel  like creating! 🙂

So – why am I talking about all this again? Because I recently found out that there is a Modern Quilt Guild forming right here, in Western NY!

WNY MQG card

So now all of you quilters who feel that this style of quilting is YOU, who maybe want to see if it IS you – you can join and meet all others that want to explore the same! For all that are here on the internet, start by visiting WNY MQG blog: 

There you will find what is happening and also a contact email if you would like to know more or join (but more about that later). If you are on Facebook, you can also go visit and “like” WNY MQG page:

and there, right under the logo and picture you will find yet another link – for a WNY MQG closed group to join. Now “closed” doesn’t mean at all that you can’t join, it just means that you send a request to join and wait a bit. 🙂 Group originally got “together” through that, so that is why. Of course if you are not on Facebook, all other options are available and will be even more and more, precisely for that reason – not everyone is on Facebook.

So I did all that, and had a chance to “meet” some lovely quilters! (still not in person, just virtually, but that is OK, that will come too). Meeting new friends that share your passions for quilting is always a great thing, no matter how it happens, right?

Of course, several founding members of this MQG would love to spread the word and grow the group to include all that are interested –  hence, I decided to share all this with you and to do sort of an introduction for you all: I asked Rebecca Davison-March, one of the founding members of WNY MQG, to write a little introduction – of herself and the group – for us all, so here you go:

Rebecca, WNYMQG founding member, moved to Western New York from
Brooklyn in 2011.  She returned to her love of sewing now that she had
more space and time to create for her two little princesses.  After
asking the main MQG about whether there was an area guild started she
learned that although many people had inquired about a WNYMQG none had
been started.  It seemed everyone was waiting for it to be done!  A
year later, after Rebecca patiently waited to see if someone else
would start a guild and while she had Princess No. 3, she decided she
couldn’t wait any longer and something had to be done!  In 2012,
WNYMQG was founded and Rebecca (President) was introduced to Karie
(Vice Pres) who is an amazing supporter, is extremely motivated and is
an employee of a local fabric shop, Bernina lover, and passionate
adorer of all things modern fabric.  With only three meetings and a
handful of members so far WNYMQG is just getting off the ground.  We
have a small Executive Board, President/Vice Pres/Treasurer, and our
goal is to generate more membership during the Spring and Summer.  Now
is the time to join us as we build this guild from scratch!  We are
interested in dedicated members and invite people to attend a meeting,
post often on Facebook, join Flickr, and read the blog to decide
whether to officially join.  [Membership will be based on interest in
modern quilting, meeting attendance, and dues payment.]  To learn more
please feel free to contact WNYMQG at

Thank you Rebecca for writing this nice introduction and I hope to see all of you interested quilters over at the blog, Facebook group and next meeting! There is nothing better than finding more friends and sharing our love for creation in cloth!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,


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