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April 3, 2013
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April 5, 2013
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legos for quilters

Hello all, Mary Ellen’s back.

I’ve been busy working on our seminar brochure so we can get it to our members at April’s guild meeting. It’s off to the printer’s now, so I have a bit of time until my next deadline! We (actually Kit and Marija) have lined up wonderful teachers for this year, please join us for 4 days of quilting camaraderie. (Sept 18-21, 2013…go here for more details as they become available)

Quilters are often very creative in incorporating tools and gadgets, which are seemingly unrelated to sewing, into our craft. An easy example could be my method of organizing piecing for blocks and quilts with paper plates. Many of you use blue painters’ tape for a variety of quilty tasks. Here is a tutorial from a mom, who is apparently surrounded by her children’s Legos, on how to make a mini sewing machine from them. If I had a batch around, I would for sure be trying this. I think it is the cutest thing. I’ll bet if they were for sale at the quilt show boutique, they’d sell like…hotcakes! Hint! Hint! Any of you moms with children now past the age of Lego building, here’s a way to get them out of the house for cash. Please!! I want to buy one! If you’d support the idea of Lego producing kits to make the little machines, go here to cast your vote! click here

Here’s a great hint of one of our upcoming seminar classes, shared with permission by one of our new seminar teachers, Robi Witulski. Robi, one of the kids in the guild (just “kidding”, but she is one of our younger members!), has had some great quilts in our recent quilt shows and is going to share her love of scraps and small piecing with us in her seminar class this fall. We thank her for wading into the teaching pool! You may remember a while ago here at the blog, I offered bags of scraps to whomever wanted some. I delivered some to Robi at the last guild meeting and within a day or two she sent me these photos of what some of my scraps had become. I’m so glad to see that my lowly scraps are living much more productive lives now! (The reds were mine, the neutrals were Robi’s) I believe these will be eventually part of her class project sample.                                               20130324_201733_resized 20130324_201746 20130324_201801

Well TTFN. Today’s chore is to get organized for tax preparation. Once that is done, I can get back to the sewing room!


  1. Marija says:

    Aren’t these minis beautiful! Yes ladies – pay attention to the cutting mat in the background that shows you how big are these half-square triangles – yes, 1″ each!! Go Robi! 🙂
    Oh and LEGO sewing machines? I am off to our basement, diving into my kids LEGO stash asap!! And that stash is almost as big as my fabric one…;)

  2. Joann Castiglia says:

    Love Robi’s minis!! I can’t wait to home to go thru my son’s Legos still stored in my basement. See everyone in May.😘

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