Tutorial, giveaway and few other things…

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March 10, 2013
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March 13, 2013
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Tutorial, giveaway and few other things…

Hi everyone,

jumping-in here on another lunch break just to quickly let you know about few things! There is a new tutorial to show you and this time – it is mine! 🙂

???????????????????????????????Here is a springy little wall hanging or a table topper made almost entirely from Flying Geese blocks – those easy, 3D, one-seam Flying Geese blocks! Add a few little tricks and you will have some neat-looking curved blocks and accent lines – check it out HERE!

If you go back one post on my blog, you will find another fun  thing – a giveaway! I am participating in current Blog Hop Party and of course besides my blog, there is over 200 others you can visit, be inspired, learn something and maybe win some goodies – hope you have fun!

Now if that is not enough, there is yet another big “party” brewing up in cyber space – celebration of up-coming National Quilting Day (this Saturday, March 16th) that some busy folks took up a notch and declared it to be Worldwide Quilting Day! Giveaways and party there has been on-going, but I missed it before (sorry!) but you can still catch a few… Of course there is a big party going on on the day itself (Saturday), called 7 Summits Strip Quilt Challenge (remember those Jelly-roll race quilts we talked about a while ago?)-  so check that out too! I know that even some local shops around here are participating in the fun – so check out on the same site, which shops around here are having special events on Saturday! (just scroll down a bit and on the right side is the list of all the shops, by state). Nothing like having some fun (shopping or sewing) with your quilting buddies to properly celebrate National Quilting Day! Me – have a very important baby shower to go to on Saturday so that is why I celebrated a bit early by doing the tutorial on my blog. 🙂 And yes…I am still finishing a baby quilt for that shower…LOL!

Found another interesting article featuring Joe Cunningham – quilter we talked about few posts ago – he talks about why quilts matter, right HERE.

By the way, Why Quilts Matter is a wonderful series that was aired on PBS, but I am not really sure if it was ever available here in our area – I just bought the complete DVD as soon as I heard about it and really, really loved watching it. Since I have it, of course it could be something to watch together in one of the Guild meetings? However, there is also this special Guild offer on their web site if we decide it is something we need in our Guild library?

OK, must leave you all now, hope you all have a wonderful week ahead,



  1. Robi says:

    Love the 3D method from flying geese. I have seen several methods of making geese before, but nothing like this. Looking forward to giving this a try after I get home from work today. Must finish scrap quilt first, though, must finish scrap quilt first….must finish scrap quilt first…..

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