Wednesday wonderings…wondered off all the way to Friday night!

dribs and drabs (need a new phrase)
March 7, 2013
March 9, 2013
dribs and drabs (need a new phrase)
March 7, 2013
March 9, 2013
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Wednesday wonderings…wondered off all the way to Friday night!

Hi everyone,

yeah, I know – wandering too much, ha, ha.

But on Wednesday, my lunch break was given to some other friends – four-legged ones. Recently I started volunteering in City of Buffalo Animal Shelter, that is just a block away from my work. Figured, sometimes before or after work and maybe a lunch-break or two  – it is close enough to make it very time efficient and they really need help (unlike SPCA, they do not have as many volunteers and funding and animals keep coming…). So, on Wednesday I spent my lunch break with shy lady, Maple

Maple2but treats of course work – so she trusted me!

And cute boy Bugsley:

Bugsley2and big boy Baloo

Baloowho just about broke my heart because after our walk, he sat down and did not want to move and go back into his kennel…:( But – he did have a “meet and greet” later that day, so I am hoping he is already in his forever home by now!

I know this is not quilt related, but I just had to share these beautiful faces with you. There are more of course, they are all tugging on my heart… I am in trouble, I know, but on the other hand, spending my lunch breaks walking with them rather than in front of the computer is so much better for me – so they are helping me just as much! 🙂

Now back to quilting! I found this really nice tutorial about curve pieced blocks and landscape quilts, by Sue Rasmussen. I LOVE curved piecing! Love to teach it and love to give quilters that one more tool and make them realize it is NOT difficult and nothing to shy away from. It is all about pushing yourself, learning and trying something new, right? March is National Quilting Day month after all – so let’s do it – let’s push ourselves to learn something new!

What is it that you would like to try or learn? Let’s have a LIST!

At my work, when we have a lab meeting and someone comes up with a good idea or another experiment that would help, we call it “action points” –  we jot it down so it is not lost in a sea of everyday work. Maybe a good idea for our creative life? Next time you see something you would like to try – write it down and pin it to the wall, so you don’t “loose” it.  Then come here, on our blog and share it with all of us. Really, lets start a list!

How fun would it be if we have a great list of interesting new (or even not new) techniques or blocks or inspirations to try! Of course, if you DID already try something – share please! That one will be a NEW for someone else of course.

Now – wan to push “something new” to the limit and become the Iron Quilter? You can! Our neighbors to the East, in Rochester will have Iron Quilter Contest during the well known Genesee Valley Quilt Club bi-annual show this summer. Magical Threads, Inspired Stitches is this years show name and HERE you will find all the information if you want to participate in Iron Quilter contest – how fun would that be! Anyone? 🙂

Signing off now, before my wanderings go all the way into Saturday, ha!

Have a great weekend,



  1. Robi says:

    Thanks for sharing the pictures of your new friends. I agree…that is a much better way to spend your lunch hour, and on such a beautiful day as well. Giving some thought to the learning something new…was very confident after taking your curved piecing class — learned that I was afraid of it for no reason. I wonder what I will try and tackle next….

    • Marija says:

      Robi – music to my ears that you liked curved piecing, thank you! What to tackle next? Hmm…good question! Must think, must think… 🙂

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