It’s me again! (deadline here!)

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February 28, 2013
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March 1, 2013
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It’s me again! (deadline here!)

Hi again everyone,

twice in one day – can you believe it? 🙂

I am popping-in just to show you something I found out just now – you maybe already know it, but there is a very popular voting contest going on one of the also very popular blogs – Sew Cal Gal – called Golden Quilter Award. Well I wouldn’t think it was something so important to share here, but there are several reasons I am:

1. Both of our future national teachers for Seminar, Pat Sloan (this year) and Bonnie Hunter (2014) are among nominees! However, what I found amazing is that next year’s teacher, Bonnie Hunt is not only nominated in FIVE different categories, but she is winning in ALL of them! Including the Lifetime Achievement Award! How about that! That surely says something about Bonnie – good for us next year! 🙂

2. The categories, nominees and products nominated read as an amazing “phone book” (cyber-book?) of who-is-who in today’s quilting, newest gadgets, books and of course all the blogs and web-sites to visit – have fun! 🙂 (but don’t blame me if you are glued to the computer waaaay too long!)

3. If you do vote for any or all categories, you can be entered to win some goodies – that doesn’t hurt at all! But here is the catch – tonight is the deadline, so hurry!!

Click HERE to do all this!

Now, aren’t you happy that today, I am apparently glued to the computer, lol



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