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February 27, 2013
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February 28, 2013
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Few more wanderings…

Good Thursday to all,

hope you are all having a great day! A bit “slushy” outside and it could be a perfect sewing weather too, if you are free to do it. Me – not so much, so here is another quick lunch-break blurb, just to pass along few of my finds…

We all make those quick but beautiful, personalized pillow cases and I thought THIS tutorial offers a bit of a different way to do it – pillow case has a flap to prevent the pillow from falling out! Interesting, don’t you think?

Few posts ago Mary Ellen talked about scraps and organizing them all – just about that time a blog update came into my Inbox, with guess what – yet another advice on how to “tame” your scraps and have them ready to be used! HERE is what Gayle Bong has to say about it – I guess at the end it always comes to actually DOING it…something I tend to procrastinate on. Anyone has a good tip on how to NOT procrastinate? Ha – I know that is a tough one! 🙂

Through the Facebook, I clicked on this following video, coming from McCalls magazine – it is about tips for a good 1/4″ seam allowance guide. I know lots of you already have your favorite method,- me too! –  but since I teach beginners, I always look for new, good information to offer my students (there really isn’t only one good way for everyone, right?). Hmmm…watch THIS VIDEO and tell me what you think – good, useful?

To give you even more material for discussion or thinking, or just as source of good information, here is another retrospect on the recent Quiltcon (modern quilt show), this time from a known author, Meg Cox. I really enjoyed Meg’s article and it is full of great LINKS too, if you should want to explore further. More importantly – there are links for other blogs with pictures from Quiltcon – nothing like a visual! 🙂

Now here is for something completely different (and not quilty)! I have to say that scientist in me just LOVES this idea! Look at this:

single-flowers-light-off single-rainbow-light-bulb-cropped

Now how cool is that?

Chandelier made from test tubes, either with beautiful colors (food colorings!) or with fresh flowers! Guess what – you don’t have to make it yourself – you can read more about it and find a link to actually buy it, RIGHT HERE! So tempting….:)

Now I must leave you (I guess I should actually eat my food during this lunch break, LOL), with all this food for thought and feast for the eyes,

have a great Thursday,


PS – This just in!! As I ate my lunch and browsed Facebook, a post from our past president and good friend Betty Lerner came in – she shared a TV segment, from their local morning program, where charity quilts and organization was featured. Guess what – the very first quilt they showed, Cat in the Hat is made by Betty!! And so were Butterfly and Trains quilts! HOORAY for Betty and all wonderful quilters in Milwaukee!

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