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February 25, 2013
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February 27, 2013
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cut the (s)crap!

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

I’ve written a bit about my scraps lately (and have found homes for some of them!) so I thought I’d look around today for some good ideas for using them. I’m sitting around waiting for my new washing machine to be delivered, killing time on the computer. How did we waste time before computers were invented?  My dearly departed machine (23 years old, RIP) died on Saturday. Made the most god-awful noises and wouldn’t shift gears in the cycles. The whole thing was clanking and shaking. I guess at that age it doesn’t owe me anything. Is it strange that I’m a bit excited about a new washing machine?!

Robi sent me a photo of one of her current scrap projects which is great; I might put one like it on my list. It’s basically mile–a–minute squares, with black and white triple sashings and black and white 9 patch cornerstones. The black and white really makes it. If she gives me her permission, I’ll post the photo here soon.

I know some of you aren’t into scrappy quilts and prefer a more “matchy-matchy” look, in a good way of course. Maybe you’ll like this idea from moda.

I like stitchery too. Look at what the selvage lady has come up with. Just wee tiny amounts of stitchery for those of you who think of it as the “S” word!

Great cookie crumble scrap quilt at this blog

This last one is just a link to google images of scrap quilts–inspiration galore! There is a 60 degree hexagon scrap quilt in the mix which I really like. (That 60 degree triangle ruler is my favorite specialty ruler I think. I love to find more uses for it!) Oops!, when I tested the links I found that I can’t link you to my search results. So just put “images of scrap quilts” in your search box and wait for the gorgeous results to appear.

I guess I’d better go get started on something worthwhile. That will make the door bell ring for sure!

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