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February 22, 2013
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February 24, 2013
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critical mass

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

It has finally happened. I can not get the lid on the med/dark scrap bin no matter what I do. I don’t think there is any open space. It already looks like a space bag after it has been sucked out by the vacuum. So I must divest a bit. Anybody want some scraps? I’ll give away 2 or 3 grocery bags full to whomever lets me know they’d like some. Come on somebody-offer a good home to some lovely scraps. I can’t bear the thought of throwing them out (gasp!).

Just finished reading a piece on another quilter’s blog about scraps. What is your definition of a scrap? Is it based on a particular size of the piece? Let’s say, smaller than a fat quarter, for example? (in my world that could be considered huge!) Or is it any piece leftover after a project is completed, no matter the size of the piece? When does it crossover from being a scrap into being a stash fabric?

And how do you store your scraps? In any organized fashion? I took the Joan Ford scrap therapy class held here at the guild a few years ago. And I had great intentions. What I learned from Joan I only seldom put into practice–it’s okay to throw some out!  (very hard for me) I listened to Debbie Caffrey at seminar 2 years ago and cut a bunch of small stash pieces into jelly roll strips. Again good intentions, but… basically I just put what I consider to be scraps (as opposed to stash) into 3 categories: I have one bin for “novelty/kids fabrics”, one for lights, and one for med/darks.  Every time I open one of the bins I find a few fabrics in the “wrong” bin by whatever that day’s criteria are for the categories. I must say though, that this method works best for me. Each bin has a wide range of sizes in the pieces-teeny tiny (for miniature quilts, I rationalize) to medium (for paper piecing) up to near fat quarters. Everything is just wadded up and shoved in the bin. No nice neat folded and pressed scraps for me. As I work on things I just throw my scraps on top of the appropriate bin. BTW selvages are not scraps in my book. I trim those off before I cut into a yardage piece and they have their own bin. When the scraps start to fall on the floor I take the lids off and force them in… as I tried to do this morning…and discovered that they won’t fit!

Scraps! Get your scraps here! Free scraps!


  1. JoAnn Castiglia says:

    Love some of your scraps, but won’t be home til May 1. Maybe someone from PM quilters would kindly take some???

  2. Joanne Gerwitz says:

    You could donate them to Threads of Time for the charity quilts. We could use an infusion of nice, new fabric. And it will not go to waste!

  3. Robi Witulski says:

    It’s never too early to start planning for the next quilt show. The scrap pool was such a success, why not start saving for that now? I am not sure, but I believe we are doing that again.

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