kick it up a stitch
February 20, 2013
critical mass
February 23, 2013
kick it up a stitch
February 20, 2013
critical mass
February 23, 2013
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scraps from my inbox

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

All of these little bits were in my inbox this morning! what a day!

modern quilt example: I follow this blog each day and I think Victoria’s work fits my personal definition of modern quilting. Lots of white, modern fabrics with traditional blocks. What would you think about having her as a seminar teacher? Would there be enough interest? Hmm..? How many of our members have an interest in modern quilting? Or would like to explore it?

McCall’s Quilting University video portal: click here  and/or here.  Free tutorials on many topics

free e-book of pillow covering patterns– some modern, some not: click here.

new (somewhat) technique and book I will definitely be trying!: click here.

spent the morning with the little guys at the Explore and More museum in East Aurora. The place was swarming with little people. Had a great time, but boy am I pooped!



  1. Paula Foerder says:

    I would love to have a modern quilt teacher at seminar. Modern quilting is an area that I’m just beginning to explore and I’m looking for inspiration

  2. Kit Willey says:

    Have been corresponding with Victoria quite a lot, she is delightful. Have permission to use one of her ideas for a baby quilt. Ideas are remindful of old string quilts back long ago at old Pinegrove where I learned new tricks.Kit Willey

  3. Marija says:

    I am thrilled that Victoria won the Best of Show at Quiltcon – love that quilt! I follow her blog daily too and even met her briefly last year at Quilters take Manhattan (fundraiser for Quilt Alliance) that I won the tickets for – hooray for internet! :) I think she would be a great Seminar teacher – we should work on that! :) Also – how about a small group for some modern quilting challenges, small projects and inspirations?

    • Paula Foerder says:

      I like the idea of a small group to work on some modern quilting projects or challenges. It would help push me to try some new ideas. A while ago the someone at the Guild talked about Saturday get togethers. Maybe if there is interest in modern quilting we could try that?

  4. Karen G. says:

    Thanks for all the links. As soon as I saw the Mini Mosiacs book on The Quilt Show I ordered it. Love the idea also. I’m sort of a fan of the modern quilting, but on the fence about it all. I do like the soft gray quilts I have seen with soft pastel solids and straight line quilting.

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