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February 19, 2013
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February 20, 2013
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Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

I just finished taking an online class via Craftsy where I learned all the tips that Anita Grossman Solomon gave to her classes at our seminar last fall. I was only able to take one of her classes-the pineapple one-and had wanted to take her others as well. Her tricks just really click with my learning style.

Well guess what! Beth Ferrier is now giving a class via Craftsy on her Hand Applique by Machine that she taught at seminar as well. I wonder if she learned about Craftsy from Anita. I know Anita mentioned working with Craftsy in some conversation I had with her at seminar. The price for Beth’s class is reduced right now, so if you are so inclined this would be a good time to sign up. You can watch the classes forever once you are given your access, so if this is a busy time you could save the viewing for a better time.

Anita’s class is still available as well, but I think at the full price now. I enjoyed it and have watched the pineapple session several times, even though I heard it “in person” as well. I have also learned from the questions sent by students and Anita’s answers. It’s not quite the same as a live class, but very close. There still is teacher/student interaction. Try it-you’ll like it!


  1. Dear Mary Ellen,
    Anita here 🙂 I’m almost out-the-door to teach in the Chicago area but wanted to say hi and thank you for your encouraging words. I’m about to haul 125 lbs of quilts etc out the door and you’ve given me extra strength.
    I visited with Beth last Fall at Quilt Market in Houston. Pairing us together was inspired, perhaps Betty’s doing. I enjoyed being at Seminar last year, from our excursions to seeing both new and familiar faces.

    Here is a ‘token’ of my affection, a permanent discount for AMQG friends for my Craftsy class.
    To think the first workshop I ever attended was at Seminar…

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