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February 6, 2013
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Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Thanks to all for the kind words commenting on our “thread tales” here. Sometimes I think I’m talking to myself, but now it seems perhaps there are a bunch of good listeners out there.

Paula commented that she feels drawn to “modern” quilting. I think I am too, but I’m going to guess that we may have different notions of what modern quilting is. From all the traveling to quilt blogs that I do, I’d say there isn’t a standard definition but perhaps just a few common threads (pun intended). Here are the threads I associate with making a quilt modern: lots of white space, bright colors, light gray used as background, solid fabrics used often, improvisational piecing often, but traditional blocks are very common as well. I’m also often surprised by how many of the younger modern quilters are using templates for their innovative blocks. Remember those, veteran quilters! I try hard to avoid them myself.

Here are some links to blogs typifying what I think of as modern quilting; your mental picture of a modern quilt my be radically different. If so, please do tell.

These are links to some of the folks frequently mentioned in magazine and e-zine pieces about the modern quilt movement.

fat quarterly

generation Q


oh fransson

quilt dad

How about a comment or two from you? What comes to your mind in talking about “modern” quilting?


  1. amqg14228 says:

    I’ll be the first to comment! Ha, ha! I think if there is one sure thing about modern quilting, it is how varied is the perception about it and how difficult it is to define it. But hey, that is very much OK with me. What I specially LOVE about it is how many young people it brings into our beloved passion – that is just the best! Sometimes I chuckle about some of the “wanderings” they do since mostly they are all self-thought and “re-inventing the wheel” they go through…but that is OK too. The Modern Quilt Guild blog is a great place to follow and see many of current creations and just today this post came to my email Inbox – a wonderful display of modern quilts!! : If you are no Facebook, there is a Modern Quilting group there that you can join to see and chat with like-minded creative people. Very often there I comment to help some of the young quilters with some basic technical questions they have – check it out: I hope maybe some of us in the guild can get together and even make a small group to do some challenges or projects? That would be lots of fun! Marija

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