Downton Abbey again
February 1, 2013
modern quilting
February 7, 2013
Downton Abbey again
February 1, 2013
modern quilting
February 7, 2013
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Wednesday’s wanderings…

Hi everyone,

how is your Wednesday going? Or this week? Or this still somewhat new 2013? I am not even going to ask about those resolutions…mainly because mine are all over the place, just not where they should be, ha!

So one of them was (or it still really IS), to have a more regular time for blogging. Really. I am not just saying that because I feel guilty for not writing more posts here, I am not. Truth is, almost every day I have some thoughts I would like to share, some inspirations, I take photos with intention of sharing..and then somehow the day gets away from me… Or, sometimes I start and then think – who needs this? Is this too much? Is this interesting to anyone? I suppose most bloggers have these questions.Β  So, I am thinking I would like to ask all of you for some answers! πŸ™‚

What would you like to see more on this blog? More tutorials or links to them? More color inspirations? More from our sewing rooms – current projects, dilemmas or finishes? Less of ….something? πŸ™‚

Please, please, pretty please – leave a comment and let us hear your thoughts!! Thank you so much in advance!

To make is even more specific – here are some examples of above suggestions and you tell us which one you like more or less?

Tutorials: Are you longing for spring yet? Need a quick and easy project to get you into a spring mood? How about this one:

P wreath photoI wrote a tutorial for this easy, paper-pieced wreath on my blog a while ago, you can find it HERE. I am actually making this one again, since I gifted the above one to a good friend who just loved it and I need another one for a class – so if you decide to make it, let me know – we can compare progress and photos! πŸ™‚

Inspirations: Oh these are everywhere and so many! I recently discovered amazing work of Australian painter, Loretta Grayson ! Yes I did say painter, not a quilter, but when you see her work, you will understand! πŸ™‚ The link takes you to her latest blog post that I just loved, since it talks about – inspiration! You can see so many more of her works HERE. Inspiration indeed!

Another source for me is a wonderful artist and excellent blogger Maureen Cracknell. Today on her blog Maureen shares the latest finished quilt and it is so happy and beautiful – photos remind me of those first signs of spring, colorful bulbs poking through the snow! You will want to subscribe and follow her blog – great tutorials, inspirations and giveaways too.

Where does your inspiration come from? How does that new quilt start? Magazine, book, pattern, just a set of colors in a photo? All of the above for me, but sometimes it does start from a doodle on paper…Like this one:

???????????????????????????????And then, if I like it, it goes to the computer, to my trusty Electric Quilt. Draw the blocks first, then decide on the colors…That day, I got this inspiration in my email Inbox:

RefreshingHuesYes, you can get these color inspirations every day in your email if you subscribe to the blog called Design Seeds Β Β The result?

IW-5What do you think? Future quilt? Definitely has possibilities! πŸ™‚ Here is another color combination:IW-3Or a slightly different pattern:IW-second design-1Curious to know what is your favorite, if any? Also – a name for this one?

From my sewing room: Hmm…currently no quilt or cotton fabric in my machine. Instead – fleece! Making a whole pile of cat beds for kitties in the shelter. Yeah…sad note with that one – last week we had to say goodby to our beloved cat Marko. He gave us love, laughs and cuddles for almost 19 years and I still cry with every thought of him and still miss him so much. He was handsome, savvy, outdoor guy who ruled Rosedale boulevard and was the boss of two large dogs in our house. He was just awesome.MarkoSo in memory of my Marko, and to ease the pain, I went through my huge fleece bin and just cut, cut, cut…IMG_3850So far – total of 18 cat beds and a whole bag full of leftover strips and ends to be braided into some toys. Marko would be proud. πŸ™‚

OK my friends, this was my sampling of blog stuff for now! As the title says – Wednesday wanderings. Lets hear from you – like, don’t like, more of this or less of that?

Thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful Wednesday yourself,



  1. JoAnn Castiglia says:

    Keep writing. I love the blog. I feel so much more connected to the guild and to the quilting world. Learned some new techniques from the blogs and links you posted. While in Florida, I’ve been sewing exchange blocks for PM quilters, and squares for community service.

  2. Paula Foerder says:

    I mostly ‘lurk’ and forget to comment but I really enjoy reading your blog. I like the links to other bloggers – especially those who are not doing traditional quilting. It gets me thinking – example, the selvedge quilts a while back. I’m trying to go with the trend toward Modern Quilting and would like to see what others are doing in this area. (Are there modern quilters within our guild?).

    • amqg14228 says:

      Paula, I love modern quilting movement and so many more of new, young, modern quilters out there – internet is really full of that. I am not sure if in our Guild there are more people who would like to go in that direction – I hope so and would love to connect, maybe we can have a small group? Something to talk about and ask on the next meeting too…Marija

  3. Mary Dixon says:

    I’m with Paula, I’m a “lurker” as well. I look forward to getting the blog notification in my email and continue to find new and interesting ideas in the “links”. I love your EQ creation. It reminds me of a chain link fence. The third one reminds me more of Easter and a lily. Maybe that will give some inspiration for naming the design. Many thanks to you and Mary Ellen for keeping the blog interesting and full of new ideas

  4. Loretta says:

    You know that I love the blog, as I do comment frequently. It is the only blog I faithfully follow. I love the variety that you both bring. Keep up the good work. The “ramblings” are great.

  5. Kathy Tomasulo says:

    I love everything you write about and there is nothing I don’t like. Can’t wait for the next entry so I can hear what you have to say, show, or connect us with. You both do a great job and I think the blog keeps the guild members connected and inspired.

  6. Irene Jones says:

    I love the blogs you and Mary Ellen write. When I see your posts, I read them right away. It keeps me connected not only to the guild but to the quilting community. Please keep up the good work. Irene

  7. Robi Witulski says:

    I, too, look forward to the daily (or nearly so) ramblings of both you and Mary Ellen. Sometimes insightful, sometimes humorous, they provide a door to some different sites and ideas I would never have discovered on my own.

  8. Robi Witulski says:

    I completely forgot to ask before. Can you share a description, pattern, or dimensions of the kitty beds you’ve been making? They don’t look like they take a lot of time to put together. I would love to make one or two to give in Marko’s name.

    • Marija says:

      Oh thank you so much! I don’t have a specific pattern – just cut two pieces of fleece and stitch them together (like a pillow case) – sizes are varied too, anywhere from 15″ square to some a bit longer (like 15″x18″ or so). If I have some leftover strips and odd pieces, I take three of them, tie all three in a knot on one end, braid them (very tightly) and tie a knot at the other end – this makes great toys for both cats and dogs! πŸ™‚

  9. kquilt17 says:

    I love everything you guys post! Even if it’s not a style or techique that I am currently interested in, its helps me broaden my horizons. Thanks for everything you post. I do read them every time they show up in my inbox, just don’t always comment.

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