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January 12, 2013
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January 13, 2013
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Quilting on TV

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Do you watch the PBS show Sewing with Nancy? I used to be a true follower, never missing or skipping an episode. I find that now I sometimes delete them from the DVR if I am not intrigued by the title. I’m glad I didn’t do that this week. Tula Pink is a self described hippie quilter. She’s one of those younger women who has, shall we say, a very free fashion sense. Kind of like the kids you see on Project Runway. Well Tula is the guest on Nancy’s show this week, and was in the first episode of the series last week. Her quilts are very modern looking, but are based on traditional blocks and techniques, granted very loosely based on them.  As I watched the episode, I became intrigued with her houndstooth quilt and thought how tremendous it would look as a red and white or blue and white quilt. My more traditional view of her modern fabric choice. It’s very easy to construct and would be a great “guy” design. If you missed it last week, or you don’t want to DVR it for this week, you can watch the show (actually all of Nancy’s shows) at Nancy’s website: click here. There are so many resources at her site: free patterns, tutorials, you name it.

Have a look at Tula’s quilts and get a glimpse of some of the future of quilting. I’m glad to see a young person who is putting her own personality into her quilts. If you are trying to convince a teenager that quilting isn’t just for grannies, this may do it for you.

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