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January 9, 2013
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January 13, 2013
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a little of this, a little of that

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Odds and ends found while blog hopping:

Pat Sloan, our 2013 seminar national teacher visits a NYC group: click right here.

If you are a knitter and a Downton Abbey fan as well, you may enjoy these free knitting patterns: click here.

Stopped at Wegman’s today for a few items not to be found at my small neighborhood tops and almost fell prey to all of that extra “stuff” in the seasonal aisle. That’s why I’ve pretty much sworn off Wegman’s for the basics. I did pick up a new magazine from the Fons and Porter group called Quilting Quickly. It is full of patterns from Jenny Doan and the crew at the Missouri Star Quilting Company. If you are an avid fan of Jenny’s videos on YouTube, be forewarned that many of the patterns in the magazine have already been featured on Jenny’s channel. That may be a good thing if you like to have written directions to refer back to and take notes on, or it may be a disappointment if you were expecting all new content. Her intro letter leads me to believe that this is not just a one shot specialty issue, but will be followed by future issues. The print and editorial style is what you are used to, if you are a reader of Love of Quilting from Fons and Porter. Easy reading, clean graphics and page layout. Lots of patterns for the price.

Working on a UFO today! Hope to have it ready for show and share at the next meeting. I don’t know if we’ll have show and share this month, since we have the quilt bucks auction.


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