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January 5, 2013
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January 9, 2013
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Hello all, Mary Ellen again.

How do we find the time to quilt? I do it by neglecting my housework! (LOL, no I’m not kidding. There are surfaces in my house that haven’t felt a dust cloth in months! I should be ashamed to admit that I guess, but…I’m not. The important, frequently used, rooms are clean and clutter free, but don’t go in the spare bedroom!) Here’s my philosophy-If you drop in unannounced you get what you get. If I know you’re coming, I’ll make a decision. For friends and family I do my best. For acquaintances I may or may not. For strangers-who cares?

One of my other vices is an addiction to paper crafting . I love to use scissors, tape, glue, markers, paper… This blog is one that I visit nearly everyday. I thought her post about finding time for stamping could perfectly work for us, if the word “quilting” was substituted. If all of us who have resolved to finish/work on our UFO’s are going to make head way, we need to find time to do it.

Another way of finding time is by using shortcuts to maximize the time you’ve got. I mentioned a few posts back that I am using the leaders and enders method, from Bonnie Hunter, to make four patches from holiday scraps. After working up my quilt plan on the computer yesterday, I took a count of what I need. The first plan required 265 four patches. Took a gulp at that, and decided to make a smaller quilt using the same plan. We’ll see how long I can keep plugging toward that goal before I decide to redesign the quilt. I was encouraged a bit when I counted up the number of four patches I’ve finished so far–in between the parts of another project. Guess?…85 done so far.  Maybe I could reach the 265, if I keep plugging away this month. I have a bit of a deadline, since the four patch will be heading to the rookie Amish girl for quilting and she’s anxious to work on it before her baby is born. Seems she is concerned about how much time she’ll have for quilting after the birth. I guess I can understand!

BTW, has any one out there had a quilt done by Amish hand quilters? How do they figure your cost? Any tips for me to pass on to this young newlywed? She is just starting her quilting business so she can contribute to the household income. What will she need to ask of her customers? What information will she need to have ready to tell her customers? I have had quilts done for me by machine long-armers, but the only hand quilted ones I have were done by family. Once she gets her business going, I will be sharing her name with you, if you might want to have her quilt for you.

Heading off to the craft room-going to do some paper crafting this afternoon and maybe quilting later. Don’t forget to set your DVR for Downton Abbey tonight!


  1. JoAnn Castiglia says:

    You got me Mary Ellen. After you and a few others have mentioned Downton Abbey, decide to watch tonite. Decided to start a new project while in Florida—a thirties quilt. All my UFO’s are safe at home. JoAnn Castiglia

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