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December 18, 2012
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December 20, 2012
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Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Heard some amusing stories on the radio this morning about regifting mishaps. Perhaps some of you are using “regifting” as a way to cut down on shopping and spending. All of the callers seemed to be of the opinion that regifting is perfectly okay, as long as you don’t regift back to the original “gifter”.

Aren’t quilts some of the original “regifts”? We often pass a quilt along to a family member or friend, or down the generations. Perhaps that falls into a different category. I have been regifting for years. I must say though, that I usually try to repackage the gift, or personalize it in some way before it moves on. Somehow just taking the gift and putting it into a different gift bag doesn’t feel quite right to me. In these days of recycling and reusing, I think regifting is just sensible.

I’m passing on some quilts this season. Some are new-just made this year with the person in mind. Some are samples made for classes I taught, being passed to those who hopefully will like the color palettes more than I do. And one is a family piece going down the generations.

How about you? Are you gifting or regifting any quilts this year?

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