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November 21, 2012
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December 11, 2012
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Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

I am ashamed of myself. When I looked at the date of my last post, I was surprised-and not pleasantly-at how long it has been. I’m going to work on that.

Are you like me and hoping to get a few more hand-made gifts done before the big day comes? I have plans for a few more small gifts for neighbors, and am working on a quilt for my sister which is long overdue. Her softball team won the state championship in 2011, I collected signature blocks from all of her players and have been continuously moving the completion of her quilt to the bottom of the to-do list since then. Well, it is now at the top of the list. I am putting the borders around the main center and then will get to the quilting, by machine of course! I will get this finished for this Christmas no matter what!!

Found this hint for making felt snowflakes which I am going to use for some of the pot holders the neighbors will be getting. Just will have to test out which of my scissors will be the best. Here’s a link to the pattern where I found this tip. Not making the stockings, just using the snowflake hint. Check out the ideas at this site. I think I have mentioned this site before in other posts-their ideas for both quilted and knitted projects are quite classy IMHO. Nothing tacky to be found there.

Went to the Santa Claus breakfast yesterday morning with the twin grandsons I have written about before. One was totally freaked by the thought of sitting on Santa’s lap. Of course the dad and grandpa had little sympathy for his tears. We spend a lot of time warning kids about not approaching strangers, and then want them to not just approach this big guy in the red suit, but to actually get on his lap! Little guy did work up his courage to shake hands with Santa, and stand next to him for a photo before the morning ended. I (not biased of course) thought this was adorable. His twin, the fearless one, had no problem with the whole thing. I suspect this will be the MO they’ll have for time to come.

Will be starting the holiday baking soon. First up will be my dessert for the guild party Thursday night. Traded my appetizer assignment with a friend who was supposed to bring a dessert but hates to bake. I, on the other hand, would much rather bake than dice and chop things for an appetizer. The question is…what shall I bake? There will be lots of cookies, I’m sure. A one pan creation, I think, will be my choice. Anything yummy but easy is my preference. Sugary, with cinnamon or nutmeg, says holiday to me. I guess you’ll have to come to the party to see what I decide upon.

TTFN, going to go clean off the quilting bookshelves for things to donate to the January auction, and drop off to Natalie on Thursday night.

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