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November 5, 2012
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November 16, 2012
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Kudos to a member

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

If you have been to any of our quilt shows, I’m certain you have admired the beautiful quilts made by one of our guild members, Lauren DeVantier. Her piecing and applique are wonderfully done, and always complemented so nicely by her friend Norma Chapin’s quilting.

Lauren is one of the 10 finalists in the Morton Masterpiece contest. Photos of the quilts made by each finalist are posted here and you can vote for your favorite. Voting for the winner is open now and will close on December 15.

The quilts had to be made totally with Jo Morton fabrics, and could be a maximum of 60″ square. Lauren’s is just under 57″ square. Use the magnifier option at the site and have a close look at the detail in her blocks. I was told that she started this quilt in April.

All of the quilts are amazing to me, but we have a favorite, don’t we?

GO VOTE! Here’s the link again.


  1. Loretta says:

    An amazing quilt. Linda Hunter has seen it, and says that the individual blocks are only 7 inches square.

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