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November 1, 2012
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November 5, 2012
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Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

1. Our president, Kathy T., has asked me to post this for you. Awhile back, at a guild show and share, Kathy shared a quilt with pieces like puzzle pieces. She had lots of inquiries about the pattern, which she found on the internet. Here is the site for you. You can see a photo of the quilt in the photo gallery at our guild site. The link to that  is in the side bar of this blog.

2. I just discovered that I never posted the October, final, Lucy Goosey block directions! So sorry for that negligence. I found it just now in the list of “draft” posts. I’ll finish that up and get it posted ASAP.

3. Are you going out to the “old” Pine Grove workshop location for Judy and Bonnie’s Christmas Open House? It’s this weekend and next. I’m sure that many of you have fond memories of their seminars each spring, of shopping for yards and yards of gorgeous fabric there, of the friendship from the ladies in the shop. I’ll venture that many of you got your start in quilting through Judy’s shop. I went this morning and it brought back many fond memories.

4. How are you doing on your quilted Christmas gifts? Anyone willing to share the details of what you’re working on? The quilts for my two nieces are finished but I cheated a bit. They were both samples for classes I taught in the course of this past spring and summer. My sister, their mom, likes a quilted gift too. She got a Christmas quilt last year, so probably will get a runner or two this year. I’m thinking I’ll make some quilted mats to use like “chargers” and put them with some clear glass dessert plates. Then I can give more “chargers” for upcoming occasions. I make mine hexagonal using the 60 degree ruler to cut the hexagons, and bring the backing up around the edge to the top for a fast and easy finish. I use large prints with easy quilting and the fabric does most of the work. Love that 60 degree ruler; I think it’s my favorite of all the specialty rulers I’ve purchased over the years. My friends read this blog so can’t give away any of my plans for those gifts (plus I haven’t made a final decision and started on them yet), but, ladies, they will be from fabrics already in my stash. If you had seen my stash, you’d know that is not much of a hint at all!

5. I’m way behind on the leaf removal and “tarping” of lawn furniture. If it ever dries out a bit in the back yard, I’ll get back to it. Hate this end of the garden season-planting and anticipation are way more fun than cutting down and putting the garden to sleep.


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