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October 27, 2012
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November 2, 2012
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A little pocket of time….

…makes for a quick blog post! 🙂

Hi everyone,

here we are, post-Sandy the Frankenstorm – hope none of your loved ones are badly affected over on the east coast – I just can’t stop watching news… I hope they will all rebuild stronger.

During that night I did what makes me the calmest – some free-motion quilting! Hence, a few UFOs got finished and that is a good thing. There is a big push for me to finish some of my UFOs and I will tell you all about it later, but here is one of them:


I really love these easy watercolor quilts – such an instant gratification! While digging out that one, I found another one that was kind of an experiment…did not have borders, so with midnight-hour inspiration strike, I did this – what do you think? :


Something is not quite there for me…but just can’t quite see it yet! Any ideas?
 OK, enough about my UFOs! Do you know what time of the year it is – International Quilt Festival in Houston!! Some day I will treat myself to a week there, in that quilt heaven, but in the meantime, here is some eye-candy for all of us – winners have been announced and you can see them HERE (don’t forget to click on each image to see it bigger!)

Houston festival is preceded by Market – a place for all retail professionals to see new products. The buzz about it all is such fun to follow on Facebook! That is where I saw this link, although I am not quite sure if this is completely new product – have you heard before about Hot Ribbon Applique? Looks like an interesting product for fusible applique lovers – check out this long video about it (only in the second part she comes to using the ribbon, but a good tutorial on fusible applique anyway). And here is the web site of The Dutch Quilter – Lennie Honcoop is the creative lady behind it all. Something for my TO TRY list for sure! 🙂 

OK, my “little pocket of time is closing and I will leave you with just a little announcement that Judy guessed the right answer about the unit in my Star block and she gets the pattern! YAY!

However, I still would love to have a better name for that unit/block – so DO TELL, how would you call it:


Have a wonderful Thursday!  (For me it is one of THE BEST – today is my son’s Vuk 25th birthday!! Off to the wonderful family dinner!)



  1. Loretta says:

    Hi Marija, For me, the thing that is just not quite right is the lower right corner. The uppper left is ok, but the lower right seems out of alignment. Yes, it may be an optical illusion, but it is too disjointed. Otherwise, I love the quilt–love the fabric and the way you used it. Loretta

    • amqg14228 says:

      Thanks Loretta! Yes that one is somehow not right… visually. I think what I want to try is to applique few roses from that border fabric going off from it…to sort of “blend that seam line…maybe? we’ll see – need more playing! 🙂 But that will have to be tomorrow, I am “out of gas” tonight, LOL

  2. Loretta says:

    I think you are right, Marija. The appliqued roses should be perfect!

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