Mystery block unit and the game…

It is…isn’t it? IT’S FRIDAY!!
October 26, 2012
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November 1, 2012
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Mystery block unit and the game…

Hi everyone,

yeah…that was me mentioning how glorious weather cuts into my quilting – and look what I have done! Rain, rain, rain…YES – you have full right to blame me!!

But…maybe you will get to sew just a bit more? 🙂

Anyway – I just wanted to follow up on my crazy, quick post from yesterday and make it more clear so everyone will have a chance to play the game and win! I showed you the entire quilt and block that makes it was quite small in the picture, so not easy to see it parts. Remember, I asked what is the PIECED UNIT that makes this star block and what would you call it? So not the ENTIRE block but what SINGLE UNIT makes it? Here is the star:




Can you find it?

Of course, there is many different ways one can piece this star block – and that is the beauty of it – I would love to know ALL of your ways, thinking and creativity – that’s the best fun!!


Off to the vet with our elderly cat Marko (he is 18!), bring sunshine back into your sewing room with some bright fabric and sew!



  1. Judy Balcerzak says:

    I would call it a double half square triangle- You make half square triangles from the yellow and blue and also from the yellow and red.
    Then you take the completed half square triangles and a square of orange to make half square triangles again . You end up with a unit with three colors in it.

    • amqg14228 says:

      You are right Judy! I just love that simple unit – it has so many possibilities! Now to find it some less clunky name…:) = YOU WIN the pattern! (as soon as I have ti myself) 🙂

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