It is…isn’t it? IT’S FRIDAY!!

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October 20, 2012
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October 27, 2012
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It is…isn’t it? IT’S FRIDAY!!

Hello everyone,

can you tell I am ready for weekend? 🙂

Life has been just a bit busy, busy, busy these days and I am so ready for the weekend! There will be some sewing…I am sure of it!! How about you?

This amazing weather we have is really beautiful and – NO, I am not complaining, but…it does cut into my sewing! Oh, it is nice – let’s clean the garage…lets have an extra long dog walk…lets do some more yard work – GEEEZ!! OK, enough whining! So here is a good thing about it – colors! inspiration! – it is everywhere!! Last Sunday my husband and I took an extra long walk along the Ellicott Creek with dogs and I was clicking away with my camera – so here is some glorious autumn inspiration for you:

Don’t you just have to smile when you see these colors?

Jewels in the grass…

Gold on the rocks…

“Fire” in the trees…

Dreaming on the creek…. 🙂
OK, OK, I haven’t gone totally away from quilting, don’t worry! Just wanted to inspire you even more with all these amazing colors. As for me – yes I am inspired too! I was asked to do a quick pattern write up for a design I did some time ago, for the new line of fabric…so  few sleepless nights after, here it is:

So, what do you think? This colorway of the collection immediately called my name – can you guess I am fall-inspired? 🙂

This is collection called Star is Born, by Ro Gregg for Paintbrush Studios – it is so easy when you have a great focus print that you can fussy-cut (blocks in the middle) and then just make one good block using accompanying colors – that’s all I did!

OK – I have to say one more thing – in this design I used one of my most favorite simple blocks – and I don’t even know how to call it!!

OK, can you guess what simple block I am talking about? It is the ONLY unit that makes stars in this quilt!!

I will leave you to guess and let’s make it a gamethe first person that leaves a comment with correct block will get a copy of this pattern once it is published!! (that will be sometime next week)

I will give you a weekend – will check back here on Monday with more pictures, the block and some proposed names for it – and will announce the winner!

Have to run now, it is TGIF you know!

Have a wonderful, fun weekend,




  1. Joann Mc Gowan says:

    Marija – I’m guessing that it is the block with the pinwheel center. Vieved square – instead of on the diagonal, there is a beautiful red (rust?) star appearing. Joann M.

  2. Marie says:

    I would call it shooting star.

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