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October 14, 2012
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October 19, 2012
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Life gets in the way

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Does that ever happen to you too? Life getting in the way of all the things you’d rather be doing? My yard needs lots of work right now;  Mother Nature hasn’t yet killed all the foliage so I think I’ll have to start cutting down perennials if I don’t want to leave all the garden clean up until the snow begins. Have a big batch of tulip bulbs to plant as well, and removing the hosta leaves would make that an easier job. Are you good about digging down nice and deep, adding the bone meal, positioning the bulbs in a nice arrangement, putting chicken wire around the squirrel snacks bulbs, and then tamping nice and firmly? Me either. I just dig out a clump, throw in the bulbs, right the ones that are completely upside down, and then return the clump. If it’s not too muddy I’ll also step on the clump. If the plants can’t take some benign neglect, then they don’t survive in my yard. Every plant for itself, I say.

Don’t have time or inspiration to write creatively today, so I’ll just share some links.

Here’s one for the piecers with left over half square triangles, who want to add something to their English paper piecing. Nice use of scraps.

Holidays are gaining on us, gals. Do you plan to make some of your gifts? Or perhaps you need something for the kids to make to give to teachers, neighbors, etc. Here are some cute ideas for those of you with an overflowing button box.

TTFN. Going back to the clutter control this morning.

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