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the perfect sewing room

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

What would your perfect sewing room look like? I do several other crafts which have some cross over with quilting/sewing so I would want a combination sewing and crafting room. It would be huge with lots of table space so I could dedicate a table to cutting, another table to piecing, another to other crafting messy tasks. It would have a mini kitchen with a sink, microwave and mini frig. Lots of windows. Of course drawers and closet space galore. I don’t care for lots of clutter as decorations so other than the clutter of whatever the ongoing project might be, the room would be “clean and simple”. And my sewing room would have a sewing elf who would clean up the floor each evening, throwing out the threads and bits, and putting the pins back in the pincushions, etc. Of course in this fairy tale sewing room there is an unlimited budget, both for building and outfitting the room and then for stocking it with the good stuff! And what’s the feature I didn’t mention yet? …a design wall, silly! Don’t we all want a great big one–floor to ceiling, no pins required, well lit and positioned so we can see it from everywhere in the room and step back to ponder or admire our work?

One reader, Karen, is repurposing a daughter’s bedroom into her own sewing space. She is looking for ideas for design walls. Perhaps in the comments she’ll put whatever her constraints are going to be. If you have a good idea or two for a design wall set up, please send in a comment!


  1. kquilt17 says:

    I’m so excited to finally have a room for sewing, nice walk-in closet too! The room (approx 10ft by 12 ft) has been freshly painted a turquoise color and I have 1 wall 8ft high and about 6 or 7 ft wide, but there will be a twin bed headboard in the corner. I was thinking of getting some command strips to attach at the top to hang a flannel backed tablecloth. I do have some fuzzy fabric I have used in the past draped over cardboard, not sure if it will hang straight though. Any advice or personal experience would be helpful. I’m looking for something cheap and don’t really want to attach anything perminently to the wall.

  2. Roxanne says:

    I just got a piece of light weight insulation board from home depot 4′ x 8′ and purchased 60″ felt (on sale -really cheap) from Joanne’s to cover it. I just used duck tape to secure it to the back. It works great. The fabric sticks to the felt or I can use pins. Right now it is leaning against my wall. I like it because I can really lay out a quilt before piecing it.You can also cut down the insulation board if needed.

    • Mary Ellen says:

      Roxanne, are those the styrofoam boards about an inch thick that are sort of a light blue color? This sounds like a great idea. So lightweight, if I have the right thing in mind.

  3. Karen Goddard says:

    I did a google search and found a quilter who attached a curtain rod to the top of the wall, sewed a sleeve in a flannel sheet and hung it from the rod. That way you can take it down if you want too. I like this idea. Bought a cheap rod at Target and have some fabric that I have used in the past, draped over cardboard that worked pretty well. I’ll give this a try. The room and closet have been painted, now on to cleaning the carpet, then I can move in!

  4. kquilt17 says:

    I did a google search and found a posting from a quilter who attached a curtain rod to the top of the wall, sewed a sleeve on a flannel sheet and hung it from the rod, then you can take it down if needed. I like this idea. Bought a cheap rod at Target and I have some fluffy fabric that I have used as a design wall in the past, drapped over cardboard. The room and closet are painted, now I just have to clean the rug, then I can move in!

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