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September 8, 2012
September 16, 2012
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The big week…


Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Finally Quilt Seminar week has arrived. Spent yesterday afternoon at the museum with Kim G. and Jan R. setting up folders etc. I know more ladies are there today working on door prizes and favors. Jan and I will be picking up the two national teachers, Anita Grossman Solomon who is visiting her brother in Williamsville after teaching in Rochester last week, and Beth Ferrier who is flying in from Michigan. Planning to take them up to Niagara Falls and then out for a nice dinner. By Anita’s request they will be back at the hotel early so they can  be well rested for tomorrow and the remainder of the week.

Hoping you will be joining us for a class–either from one of those two ladies or from one of our talented local teachers. You still can sign up for some of the classes-check the guild website for details. (address in left sidebar). Everyone, guild member or not, is welcome and invited! Tomorrow evening at the museum Beth Ferrier will be giving a lecture “Why Finishing is Highly Overrated” at 7:00. The lecture is open to the public, no prior reservation is needed-just show up. Time and address also at the guild website. I think the majority of quilters will find something to relate to in her lecture-do you know any quilters who have no unfinished projects around? I don’t. I’m sure there are a few who finish each project before beginning the next–but definitely they are rare specimens!

I’ll be busy this week, so probably won’t be back until next–with reports on all the fun we had! Come join us!

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