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August 2, 2012
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August 9, 2012
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that 60 degree triangle ruler

Hello all, ME here.

Wow, I went out to walk the dog this morning at about 7:15. I always check my kitchen weather station just before we leave so I know if I will need a jacket or not. It’s a habit, so even during the summer I check. It was 83 degrees at 7:15! This is not my idea of a great summer day, fans. I want it cooler in the evenings and early mornings. It was very gray and windy while we walked, so the old-fashioned method of forecasting tells me rain is coming-but I think it might be a heck of a storm instead of a steady soaker like we need.

Yesterday I gave demos at a local shop-some of which were giving ideas for using the 60 degree triangle ruler that many quilters have. Once you have made the striped fabric table runner, what else can you do with that ruler? Don’t get me started–it’s a favorite of mine and I have tons of ideas! One easy one is to make triangular coaster or mats, that are variations on the square “box top” coasters that many of us make. Here’s a photo below,

photo of coaster

-not a great shot, but you’ll be able to see what the coaster looks like. I had a request to post my visual for constructing this here at the blog. You might find this to be an easy gift idea for this holiday season. I’d be glad to show you at a guild meeting if the visual isn’t clear. Click 60 degree coasters for the directions.

What you need to know, in addition to what is on the directions, is that you need to cut 4 triangles for each coaster or mat. They need to be equilateral triangles (60 degree) of any length sides, just make sure all 4 are the same size. Keep one of them flat, fold the other 3 in half with wrong sides together and press a nice sharp crease. I just use the outline of the 8 1/2″ triangle ruler, and the resulting mat is a good size for most coffee mugs or iced tea glasses.

Once you have layered the pieces as shown in the included link, stitch all the way around the perimeter with a 1/4″ seam (no opening needed for turning), clip the corners a bit, and turn them right side out through the center opening. Fix up the corners with your favorite tool–chopstick, knitting needle, whatever. Then give your coaster a nice steam press.

Larger ones will make nice mats for under cookie plates, etc.



  1. Joann Mc Gowan says:

    Thank you!! I saw you demo this on Saturday, and thought it was the greatest idea. I’m going to make a bunch of them with different seasonal fabrics. Wondered if they had some batting scraps tucked inside eash segment might hold a different type of needle? Thanks again. Joann

  2. I knew someone who had a flip it prebatting piece that she did with half square triangles, and then she wipped stitched together all the pieces and made a quilt for it. This seems very similar! Love it! Have you tried adding batting down on the flat triangle piece? I’d have to do it once to figure out what side to do it, but very nice idea here!
    Also plays well with my mathematical side. Cool! Thanks!

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