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Who is Ami Simms?

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

I have been a fan of Ami’s quilting patterns, books and teaching, almost since I started to quilt. I am so glad to have learned Ami’s invisible applique stitch a long time ago. I use it for almost everything I need to hand stitch, where I want my stitches to be completely unseen. I rarely take the time to hand stitch my bindings to the back of my quilts, but when I do, I use her stitching method. You truly can not see any stitches, and if I have been careful enough there are no puckers or traces of any kind to give hints of where the hidden stitches are. There is no need to use matching thread for the stitching, they are so invisible! At her website she still sells the book from which I learned this stitch, many moons ago!

I got Ami’s newsletter today. She includes a video showing how to hand stitch a rolled hem. Yes ladies, before there were sergers, we had to do this by hand. Prom dresses, proper ladies’ handkerchiefs, silk scarves, etc. all received hand stitched hems. Once you’ve done one, you have greater understanding and appreciation of the price tags on those hand tailored couture garments from French clothing designers’ work rooms. And true sympathy for the women who did the stitching!

I still follow Ami because she could be a stand up comic, should the bottom fall out of the quilting market. I have heard her in person and laughed until the tears came. If you visit her website, have a look at the worst quilts in the world and read a few of her comments. You might also enjoy her collection of photos of odd signage she finds which she calls “what were they thinking?” And the dog lovers out there will enjoy her pup Scooter and his antics, narrated by his mom.

Many of you who are new to quilting may not know of Ami, since she is not promoted by any of the big time publishers–perhaps you are aware however of the Alzheimer’s Quilt initiative. Ami is the force behind that. In my opinion it’s time for you to learn about Ami and her work.


  1. Kathy Tomasulo says:

    I too am an Ami Simms fan. Have her book and was lucky enough to get it autographed. Also saw a display of the Alzheimer’s Quilt initiative when it was hung at the NQA show several years ago. She is a great lady and very humble. Would be nice to get her for seminar sometime.

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