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July 26, 2012
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July 29, 2012
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stash dawgs

Hello everyone, Mary Ellen here.

First I’ll fess up that I have an extensive fabric stash. Certainly more than I can ever use. I should be developing a plan for its dispersal in case I am hit by a bus. There is no one in my immediate family now who would want the fabric mountain I have accumulated. I have donated quite a bit to a variety of charities this year and I have made a concerted effort to use what I’ve got instead of buying more. That said, it has not made a dent. It seems like there may be fabric hanky-panky going on when the lights are off. It’s got to be reproducing itself somehow!

Do I love each and every fabric in my stash? Well, I must have loved every one of them when I bought it. There are some in the mix now though that I now wonder about. Many of the real dogs have been donated. Now they are someone else’s problem. But I do still have a few “stash dawgs”. One is a sizable chunk of a Hoffman fabric called “Traditions Style”. It’s got grapes and berries on it and swirly vines which are some what paisley like. It’s not in my “style” of fabric at all-the colors are ok, but not my favorites by any means. I don’t seem to have anything that goes with it, so I’m sure I didn’t buy it because it “co-ordinates”.

I’ll probably be putting it on the back of a quilt, or cutting it into small pieces to hide its hideousness. (No offense intended if you love fruity paisley!) Here’s a link to a few ideas for using the dawgs in your stash.

I’m fairly certain that if you have a stash, there’s a “dawg” in yours too. What does your fabric dawg look like?

How are you coming on your Lucy-Goosey blocks? Number 4 will be coming up soon-one day next week as soon as I get the directions written. I’ve got the block, now I need to tell you how to construct it.


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