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July 23, 2012
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July 27, 2012
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Who made this quilt?

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Imagine this scene. Fifty years from now as someone is admiring a gorgeous quilt made in many hours of loving stitching, she says to her companion “I wonder who made this quilt. It’s fabulous. Do you think it was for someone’s wedding? Or maybe it’s a graduation gift. OOh! And look at this baby quilt. Do you suppose a grandmother made this-or an auntie-or maybe the mom while she was pregnant? ” Wouldn’t it be terrible to be looking down from wherever we go after life, to be looking down trying to say “I made those quilts. That blue one with the flowers was for…”

You know where I’m going with this. Do you put labels on your quilts? You really should. If you’re an Antiques Roadshow fan, you know how having the provenance of an antique really helps its value. And even if not for monetary reasons, it is so interesting to know the “story” of a piece. Your descendants will so appreciate the time you took to add a bit of your quilt’s story to the back.

Here are some ideas from several quilt designers for making labels for your work. As they say in the piece. You just gotta.

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