Lunch time chat – who loves paper-piecing?

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July 16, 2012
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July 19, 2012
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Lunch time chat – who loves paper-piecing?

Hello everyone,

I am here with just a quick, lunch-time chat to let you know that I have a new tutorial on my blog! If you love paper-piecing this small project might just be a thing to do while cooling down from summer heat:

I call this one a Summer Song – hey I might even add a small appliqued bird in the center! 🙂

Anyway, this wreath is made from 4 similar blocks, both paper-pieced. Instructions on what you need and how to make it are here, on my blog. What I like about this block is that it can be very versatile, used in borders, small projects, to make a larger block…This is the exact project I use when teaching paper-piecing to beginners and the joy on their faces when EACH block turns perfect, EVERY time is what thrills me every time! I hope to see some of them completed soon and will take pictures to show you, if I do.

Oh by the way – this wall hanging will fit perfect in my newly painted family room – remember the photo I showed you last time? Well, here it is all done – new floor and all:Rightfully so – all done DIY, with whole family pitching in – I am so proud! 🙂 What I really LOVE is our new family photos wall that my daughter arranged – it just makes me smile every time! Well it also makes me laugh with disbelief since my dear daughter found some of my child hood and high school photos and insisted on framing them! LOL!

Here it is as much as mu camera would take in: (but of course I am NOT showing you those high-school pictures! 😉 )

So of course, the wall hanging will go on the opposite wall that is empty now. Well, that is when it comes back from Threads of Time where it hangs as a class sample. Yeah,  my family gets little “surprises” when something disappears from the wall…being taken to TOT for the class! LOL

Do you have a wall/display of family photos? Any tips and ideas how to display them creatively?

Looking forward to see you all on Thursday at the meeting,


PS!! – as long as we are about quilts, walls and hanging them on the wall…just found this good blog post from quilt books publisher, Martingale – very cool! 🙂

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