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July 1, 2012
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July 14, 2012
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Mid-summer chat

Hello everyone!

I guess this amazing, hot summer has us all away from indoors and hence, from our computers, blogs, quilting…? TRUE or FALSE?

In my case – a bit of both! Definitely spending more time outside of course, but then, when it becomes really hot, air-conditioning calls… and sewing in nice cooled-down room is just as good as sewing in a nice warm place while winter winds are blowing outside, right? If you ask me, I would be quilting just as much, but summer is also time for the garden, time for house remodeling…and I have been deeply into both! Just spent a long, 4th of July weekend remodeling our family room – started as “only needs fresh paint on the walls” and ended up with ripped out old carpet and installation of hardwood floors – yaiks! What can I say – now that kids are grown-up, family room needed to “grow-up” too! Fortunately for me – those grown-up kids are all here and really amazing, so with their help we did it all ourselves – YAY!

And of course, this is quilt related…how? Well, it WAS about color! – I had a hard time choosing…wanted something soothing and relaxing, but yet COLOR…What is your choice in those situations? Dark and muted, light and pastel, what is your favorite wall color? Does it have anything to do with your favorite quilting colors?

So, we ended up with this muted shade of…teal? Not sure what to call this color, but I really, really like it! And since our family room has a wall full of family photos, that wall got a darker shade of the same color – to emphasize the family photo wall! What do you think?:

I am actually surprised how much I like this color!! It goes with so many other colors and I can’t wait to start putting my accent colors (aka – quilts, pillows, etc.) everywhere! 🙂

OK – now back to quilting, for real.

Summer or not, I still try to find some time to surf the vast lands of internet, mostly quilting landscapes of course, and today I got this update – it is Barbara Brackman’s blog! Did you know she has a really great blog, with so many great posts about quilt history and all such things where she is a real expert in? Well, now she has a new book, The Garden Quilt: Interpreting a Masterpiece out too and what a masterpiece that quilt is!

Another great find – for all of you looking to entertain kids, grand kids etc. during summer, this is a great way to get creative and have some fun: Sunscholars is not a quilt-related blog, but nevertheless has some great stuff that we can use! Hey, who says we can’t to that Sharpie tie-dye on fabric!?

If you are a Jelly-roll lover and user (fabric ones, of course 🙂  ) – here is another great blog with free patterns! Love this baby quilt!

OK dear friends, I am off to put some finishing touches on my family room and clean of course…See you all next week at the meeting,


PS – for the meeting, I do have one wonderful surprise for you!!! I am not telling!! 😉

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