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June 20, 2012
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June 24, 2012
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Hello everyone, Mary Ellen back again.

Well this week kind of got away from me–haven’t posted in a while. I’m sure you all have had weeks like that too. Didn’t have much time to sit over my coffee and mull all the world’s problems, coming up with my solutions. “If I ruled the world,…”

So what’s new everyone? I’ve been playing with my 60 degree triangle rulers this week. I have had the 8 1/2″ one for a long time–you know the one that makes that popular runner from a striped fabric. I have the larger one now also–it’s 12 1/2″ tall– and am exploring what it can do. Of course one could just repeat the tricks the smaller ruler will do, but I’m trying to find some others as well. I’m doing demos on this ruler this week and want to have some new things to share. Have you used your ruler (you have one of these I hope, every quilter should!) to make cutting out hexagons a breeze? With the burst in popularity of  hexagons, these rulers totally eliminate having to draw and trace hexagon templates. I have come up with a way to attach the hexagons together by machine too, so maybe I’ll actually do something with Grandmother’s flower garden. Of course with larger hexagons, although the tiny ones could be done by machine as well. Just not as nicely.

Got a sneak preview this week of some of the new Halloween fabrics. I got a bag of fabric and patterns to make into samples for this fall at the shop where I teach and demo. The Halloween fabric is the cutest I have seen in a long time. They (whoever they are) say that Halloween is soon to surpass Christmas as the most decorated holiday in our country. Doesn’t surprise me. Although not everyone celebrates it, more do than celebrate Christmas. Also no presents to buy, cookies to bake, cards to sign and send… And of course, kids of all ages love the dressing up part of it. The weather usually is much nicer for those who do want to do some outdoor decorating.

Sorry I missed the guild meeting this week–got to see the “show and share” via our photo gallery though. Loving the Lucy Goosey blocks that are being shared. I hope more of you are playing along, and are just too shy to show your blocks. Thanks to our web guru for all the work he’s done and continues to do for us.

Have you signed up for seminar yet? It promises to be a fun time! Join us for a class or two, and definitely for the lecture. Beth Ferrier, our lecturer this year, could be a stand up comic IMHO*.

Well, I’m off to drag the lawn sprinkler to a new spot and then up to the sewing machine for the day. This sprinkler gig is usually an August thing–we’re not normally this dry in June. My garden is protesting-those annuals haven’t sunk their roots down deep yet. I know it’s blasphemy to many of you, but I’m praying for rain. One of those nice gentle warm all day kind. The kind where you can just hear the grass and garden sighing and saying “ooh that feels good!”.



(* Ta Ta For Now, and In My Humble Opinion)

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