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June 18, 2012
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June 20, 2012
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sew and tell Friday

Hello all, ME back again.

A while ago I shared how Marija and I have decided to make sure that posts go up regularly by giving ourselves assignments. My assigned day is Friday and I was looking for a catchy name for it. Came across this name (above) at another blogger’s site.

This morning I listened to another podcast from Pat Sloan. (If you haven’t tried them yet, I still encourage you to give it a whirl. They’re free and can be listened to on your phone or mp3 whenever you wish, or via your computer. Gotta be better than listening to regular talk radio!) When the dog and I returned home from our walk, I went to her website to see what she had up for today. It’s an interview with a quilter I had never heard of–and will be going back to visit again and again. Here’s a photo of one of her quilts, with absolutely spectacular quilting on it (see below). I found the block which will be the next Lucy Goosey star on this quilt. Can you guess which one it is? You’ll see soon, after I write up the directions.

isn't the quilting spectacular?

wonderful quilting

Another thing I found and enjoyed at her blog was a link to her flickr group of cathedral window projects. I have always admired a cathedral window quilt–nothing new about that. I was really taken with the photos of the many pin cushions made up in very modern fabrics. Goes to show why some block designs are so timeless. They look great in any fabric. I think that instead of pincushions, these would make terrific ornaments or door knob hangers. I know that somewhere in my “archives” I have the directions for doing a cathedral window block by machine. Now I have the incentive to find them. I’ll share too when they surface!

Stay cool today, aim a fan at your sewing machine and have at it!



  1. sewfrench says:

    I just recently discovered Pat Sloan’s radio show. What a treat to listen to and be inspired with while sewing!
    I have been intrigued by Cathedral Window quilts forever. I might just have to try that pillow, thanks for sharing that!

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