Monday’s lunch break post (or MIA Marija catching up…)

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June 4, 2012
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Monday’s lunch break post (or MIA Marija catching up…)

Hi everyone and happy Monday!

(oh, and never mind the “lunch-break” part…I apparently don’t know how to “schedule” a blog post, so this one didn’t come out when I thought it will, hence, I am doing it now (4 pm) manually…sheeesh)

Yes…I am hanging my head in shame for being so MIA lately…Thank heavens for Mary Ellen and her great posts! πŸ™‚

I promise to get better organized and have a regular contributions here (as well as on my own blog). I DO.(hand on my heart) πŸ™‚

Although, I have to say, sometimes I just plain get…intimidated? (not sure if that is a correct word), thinking along the lines “why would anyone care what I have to say”…or something like that. Yes, I know, I know – our blog really isn’t about that, its about sharing all things quilting, tips, news, ideas etc. But nevertheless, I get that feeling sometimes. Do you? I mean, when you read the blog and maybe think to comment on it – does that kind of feeling stop you? It really shouldn’t. Really. Hope you and I will both get rid of that silly obstacle! πŸ™‚

Ok – back to quilting! Today I am just going to do a medley of my finds for you – not too many though, since I have been catching -up on the computer time only in these past, rainy few days – all others were full of dirt up to my knees! Gardening, gardening and more gardening – this year our son and daughter-in-law were trying their first gardening adventures, so they needed lots of help – read: doing everything in double!

Quilty finds:

1. Free motion quilting – many of you liked the daily free-motion motifs from Leah Day, but if you missed it or didn’t get them all – she has a book now! Right now it is only downloadable, digital book, but it will be soon available as a regular book (even a Kindle version!) from Amazon.

2. Spring Quilt Market – many of you maybe heard that twice a year there is a big gathering of all the quilt-related manufacturers (fabrics companies, book publishers…all the way to individual designers) to show off and promote all the newest products – fall one is always in Houston (right before the big show) and spring one changes places, this time in Kansas City. You will likely find A LOT of Market re-caps on many of the blogs, but I wanted to share few particular ones with you: Art Gallery Fabric is an amazing fabric manufacturer with lots of creativity and absolutely beautiful fabric (in our local quilt shops, so far I found the biggest selection of them in Patchwork Garden), but beyond that, they are very, very engaging with us, their final customers! Love that! So, their blog (as well as Facebook page) is definitely a place to check out and follow – I highly recommend it! This is their first Market recap – lots of photos mostly, but pay attention to last several ones – their Booth at Market, just awesome inspiration!!!

Here is another glimpse into that big show, this time a bit funny. However, also important is that the site this link takes you to is also a site for the NEW quilting magazine in the making! Generation Q will come out soon,Β  so stay tuned to this site too.

Modern quilting is something that we discussed here before and weather it is something you are interested in or not, is is always good to follow what is happening in the world of quilting. Here is another Market re-cap (sort-of) that has a very interesting story about this topic! Oh, and in case you need more new magazines (modern quilting) – the designer couple, Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle have oneΒ  starting too, just click HERE to check it out.

3. New, funny, modern…. – speaking of new and modern, but now almost hilarious – check out this new project from creative people of Art Gallery Fabric – The Fat Quarter Gang!! I rest my case…LOL!!

Oh, and for the end – I will leave you with another love of mine – astronomy> Tomorrow is another interesting and important day in the Universe, hopefully we will be able to see it! Check it out, if nothing as an interesting read. πŸ™‚

That is all from me for today! Hope to do some sewing, make those two Lucy Goosey blocks and catch up – promise some pictures soon! Have a great day,


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