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May 31, 2012
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June 2, 2012
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Lucy Goosey block 2

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

It’s the first of June and time for me to post the next block in our Quilt-a-Long. Even if you chose not to make the first block, you are welcome to jump in and join us anywhere along the journey through our 6 star blocks. (If you want to go back and get the first pattern, look in the sidebar for the category menu and go to Loosey Goosey).

I hope I am greeting some visitors who found out about us at Pine Grove yesterday. If so–welcome! to all of you. This is not a personal blog-it is the blog for the Amherst Museum Quilters’ Guild. I hope you’ll join us for Lucy (new spelling on purpose) Goosey and keep coming back to read my musings on anything and everything that might cross my mind. I try to keep it to quilty topics, but there are no guarantees.  I try to post daily, but sometimes life intervenes.  My co-blogger, if that is a word, is Marija. Sadly she still is working full-time, unlike me the retiree, so Marija doesn’t have as much time to play. If you read back through our archives, you can get to know about Marija’s accomplishments as a published quilt designer and a research scientist. I find it amazing how many quilters come from helping professions like teaching (that’s me), nursing, social work etc. and from scientific professions like research, engineering, etc. What parts of the brain are at work in this? Perhaps it is that the art and science of quilting accesses both hemispheres of the brain? Hmm…there’s a topic for someone’s thesis.

I have decided to change the spelling of the lead word of our Quilt-a-Long title to “Lucy” instead of “Loosey”. I have 2 reasons: first I am thinking about making up a quilt label , for any participant who would like to have one, for the “Lucy” project that you make with your blocks. (Remember you do not have to make a quilt per se. You can choose to make a table runner or two, pillows, or whatever your lil’ heart desires.) I thought a quilt clad goose named Lucy might appear on the label, if I can come up with a drawing or clip art. My second reason relates to strange comments we were getting, which (fingers crossed) I seem to have solved.

So…onto the block. This month’s is a sawtooth star variation which is a basic pieced block design. This is an experiment on inserting files into these posts! The first link below is the directions written in a Word document, the second is the same directions as a pdf file. Some of you may have better luck opening the second one–but as I said, this is an experiment. Let me know if you have any trouble. I can e-mail you the file, if the experiment fails! Still learning the ins and outs of this new blog platform.

sawtooth variation or sawtooth variation

Since it’s such a gray day, can’t go into the garden for long. Guess where I’ll be instead (after the mundane housework chores). Yep, at my machine making my sawtooth block. I’ll post the picture when it’s finished.


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