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May 12, 2012
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May 16, 2012
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Make It Monday

Hello all, it’s ME again.

The brownies were a hit yesterday. Very rich! About 1/2 of a regular brownie size and a bit of vanilla ice cream and you’re good to go. Definitely a keeper recipe. I’m going to write it up, and figure out how to start a recipe file. Oh! I’ll just send it to the file over at our website for now, and get to the file here eventually.

first loosey goosey blockFinished my first block for Loosey Goosey. Not real happy with the slight hole at the center, but I think when I take all the paper off the back, I’ll be able to fix it up with some steam. I’m leaving the papers on until I attach this block to something else. I’ve used all sorts of scraps with no regard for grain so I’m sure my block’s edges would get really wonky if I take the paper off now. Here’s a photo. I’m going to pick a nice easy pieced block, maybe with a twist, for June.

Today I’m working on a scrappy table topper using 4 blocks from the pattern for a jelly roll Irish chain quilt. It’s from the book Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott. I made the throw size and liked how it turned out. I’ve made several quilts from this book. The directions are well written, and I particularly appreciate the pressing plans. The quilts go together so well, with nicely opposing seams. I came upon a tutorial on-line for a “cathedral edge” binding that I want to try out on this topper. I made my blocks red and white, with assorted red Christmas prints and white with gold prints for the backgrounds. With only 4 blocks it was harder to combine the strip techniques of the pattern with my desire for randomness in the placement, but I think it’ll do for my experiment.

I’ll also do some more of the hourglass blocks I need for my sister’s signature quilt. Those go quickly, I just need a quantity so I’m doing a few at a time.

Gave the godsons their eye-spy quilts yesterday. They seem to be a hit, but not the eye-spy side! The boys like the roadway panels that I used for backing better. Just right for little matchbox cars and super hero toys. They did like that their names are in the blocks on the front. I told their mom that these quilts are to be played with and worn out, since she tends to “save” quilts so they won’t get ruined. I want these to get used up, frayed, and dirty from being played with everyday. How do you feel about the treatment of the quilts you make? Should they be used hard, or do you prefer that they be special?


  1. kquilt17 says:

    Quilts shoud definately be made to be used! Especailly by kids.

  2. Paula Foerder says:

    I think that quilts that are made for children should be loved to death…and should look like it. I would hope though that the wallhangings that I make as gifts for adults would be loved a lot more gently.

  3. That block is a stunner!

    I too use strip piecing for my nine-patches, but the small size makes it a challenge to get everything to be accurate at times. I find that accuracy is easier I press the strips just right. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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