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May 11, 2012
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May 14, 2012
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Saturday chores

Hello everyone, it’s ME.

I don’t know why Saturday still is the day I do a lot of the typical household chores. Now that I’m retired, I could do them any day I want. It must be programmed into my genes now after all those years.

I was elected to bring the dessert to the Mother’s Day get together tomorrow. by request, I am making a recipe from the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook Food from My Frontier. I am a sucker for cookbooks with big color photos, as this one is. She could give Paula Deen a run for her money as far as rich ingredients go, as well. Not every recipe has a pound of butter in it though. The dessert I am making is called Knock You Naked Brownies. I just took them out of the oven, and the bubbling caramel, chocolate chip gooiness (sp?) in the corners is very hard to resist.  Only the threat of third degree burns kept me from sticking a finger in to give a taste test! The only hard part about this recipe was unwrapping the 60 caramels used to make the middle layer (when mixed with the chocolate chips). I’ll give you a fuller review after I try them tomorrow, but I think I can safely predict that these are going to be a hit.

I’m working on my star block for the Loosey Goosey quilt-a-long.(See sidebar). I’m going with scrappy stars so it may be gorgeous, or it may be god-awful. If they don’t blend nicely side by side, I’ll just make individual things out of them rather than a wall hanging. We’re going to set up an album over in our guild photo gallery for the blocks, and then eventually the finished projects. Plan to bring your blocks to the May guild meeting for show and share, if you have one completed by then. It seems the consensus is that I should put up the new blocks once a month, so the next one will be in early June. No definite date, Loosey Goosey, remember.

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