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May 3, 2012
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May 4, 2012
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Fabulous Friday

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Marija and I have a flexible agreement about posting-not a schedule exactly but Monday is her day and Friday is mine. Just an easy arrangement to make sure that at least twice a week, something will get posted here. So far we have had no problems keeping up the flow of “information” to you, but if we ever don’t have something to say (LOL), we each have a once per week assignment!

Since Friday is my day, I’ve wondered if I should come up with a theme for the Friday posts, and perhaps a catchy title. I know, “Fabulous Friday” doesn’t really do it for me either. I’m hoping you’ll help me come up with something.

I might have written about this website, Colourlovers, at our previous blog. I really enjoy exploring there when I have time to spend. It is designed for all lovers of colors and is organized to easily explore. The patterns and palettes that members come up with are very inspiring, and are a great resource for all crafters. You also can get a heads up on trending in all things colorful-fashion, fabric, home decor, …  I’m thinking about painting a room and need some ideas for my favorite color-blue-which isn’t just same old/same old. I have found several ideas that I like using my favorite shades of blue mixed with other colors that wouldn’t have occurred to me. If I go with blue, that will make every room in my house some shade of blue. Maybe that’s too much??

I’m beginning to get the gardener’s itch to put in some of my seeds for annuals. Risky this early. I have to remember that this warm weather is an anomaly–the hard frosts mixed in this spring have slapped the hands of a few eager gardeners in my neighborhood. Tender annuals turned to mush with overnight temps in the 20’s last week. I’m pretty sure I could risk the peas and lettuce. They’ll take cooler temps and I can just throw a tarp over their beds if frost threatens. That means I need to move the perennials that are in the spot I have in mind for my new veggie bed. Ah yes a garden is never finished–and have we ever made our final quilt?

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