Fabulous Friday
May 4, 2012
Ta DA!!
May 4, 2012
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Adding to the Fabulous Friday…

Hi everyone,

I think Fabulous Friday is not bad at all! 🙂 Or at least that could be the first part of it?

Anyway…I have couple of surprise-extra hours here at work , can you believe it? (well that’s enough for me to make  Friday fabulous, lol!) Its just that normally we have a lab meeting on Fridays from 10 to noon and today’s one got cancelled- me not knowing about that, came to work early to set all the experiments ahead of time…and voila! – some free time!

So while checking my email, in the newsletter from Better Homes and Gardens (highly recommend that one!!) I found this – and since we are all in the gardening mode now I had to share:

Isn’t this cool?! A nice bench made from just cinder blocks, with so many “extras”! Love the idea of planting some herbs or flowers right in it!

As it is shown, it might be a bit “rough around the edges” for my taste, but with a full tutorial on how to make this, I can add all kinds of “bells and whistles” – like nice cushions, maybe even paint that concrete… And there is a photo of how to do a chair, and table…just really fun!

The web site is also quite full of different ideas on how to re-purpose many things – something to bookmark for sure!

NOTE: for some reason normal way of imbedding links is not working now…so here is the link that you can copy-and-paste:


I just might have to try this one…

Have a fabulous Friday and a whole weekend,


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