Monday lunch post – or overdue Quilt Show photo-log

Kelly’s glorious speech
April 30, 2012
getting back to real life
May 1, 2012
Kelly’s glorious speech
April 30, 2012
getting back to real life
May 1, 2012
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Monday lunch post – or overdue Quilt Show photo-log

Hi everyone,

yes, I did have a great ambition to post photos (even videos!)  every night during our Quilt Show this past weekend, but every night after all other family happenings after the show I simply – crashed! My husband did catch me falling asleep with the laptop, pointed out the silliness, so I realized it ain’t going to happen. 🙂

Oh well, but today is a new day and here I am during my lunch break – ready to have some blogging fun and hope you will too, reading it.

First of all, I have to say it again – IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL, INSPIRING AND FUN QUILT SHOW!


And equally as important – I want to express my heartfelt thank you to all volunteers at the show and all Museum staff, but specially all of you who helped with the Show set-up and take-down – we did it together and we did it well!! 🙂


We started with a wonderful Preview Party – organized and executed so well by MaryJean Miller, she does it with such passion and joy – thank you MaryJean!!




As you can see, Tea room was full of happy guests! Somehow I did not capture the great spread of goodies on the tables – I guess once I was in, I was too excited to try them all? 🙂



And then, after our Show Chair, Kelly’s wonderful speech (have it on video and will post, if Kelly agrees!), there were all the wonderful awards! Here is a quick collage of just SOME of the award winners and quilts:


I think a separate blog post (or posts!) should follow with lots of individual photos of quilts, with awards and without! If you agree – send me your photos too!

The emotional highlight of the Preview evening for me was certainly Alice Bachraty Memorial Exhibit and chance to see her husband Joe again, meet her wonderful family and enjoy all of our memories of our Guild mother, Alice. I miss her so!

Above is a little collage of Alice’s exhibit, organized so well by Linda Hunter and appropriately paired with an exhibit of antique quilts too (lower left corner of the collage). It was immensely gratifying to me, personally, to see Joe and family approving of how we honored Alice and enjoying the evening. Again, my heartfelt thank you to all you ladies who helped with Alice’s exhibit!

And then the Show days begun!! What can I say – I was like a kid in a candy store, or better yet – I was like a happy quilter at the Quilt Show!! LOL As Mary Ellen said – it was a glorious one!! Here are just a few more photos:



Friday morning and first wave of visitors – HOORAY!!



Our wonderful hostesses ready to greet them!






Mary Ellen doing the first wonderful demo of the day!




Scrap pool was such a great hit!! Talk about “kid in a candy store”!!





And here is a little collage of everything in our beautiful Member’s Boutique – everyone had fun shopping there (some of us even before the show started! LOL!)

Of course there were so many amazing vendors too but somehow I did not take a single photo of them! How did that happen? Yeah – you guessed it – I was too excited to shop and forgot to snap any!! Some things will never change… 🙁

Well fellow quilters, you can probably tell I really, REALLY like being at the quilt show, being involved in the quilt show, work with everyone for the quilt show – but here is the truth: I KNOW all of you who didn’t try it yet would also LOVE it too!

So, repeat invite from me too – COME AND JOIN US!!

My lunch break is a bit extended now and I better wrap this up. With promise of more photos, stories and even a video or two, wishing you all a wonderful day,



  1. lori46 says:

    Thanks for the pics. They capture a small glimpse of the activities from the past weekend. The response was terrific and we worked,laughed, ate, visited, worked, and enjoyed the work of our members. Noe let’s rat and get on to Seminar in September.

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