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April 28, 2012
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April 30, 2012
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Hello all, Mary Ellen again.

Wow! Our museum is just resonating with quilter vibes this weekend. So much conversation about quilting, fabric, threads, patterns, thimbles… Love it.

A new quilt magazine for younger (or young thinking) quilters is going to be on the newstands in May. The editor is Mary Fons, daughter of MaryAnn Fons of Fons and Porter fame. You can go here to view a free mini issue to see if this magazine is something you, or someone you know, would like. I enjoy the shows on PBS that Mary does with her mom, now that Liz Porter is in semi-retirement.

What did you buy at the quilt show this weekend? Or maybe I should wait until after the auction this afternoon to ask that question. I greatly reduced my fabric purchases from past habits, but did pick up some nice patterns and a kit or two.

Questions we can talk about: How many times did you say to yourself at the show–”I could make that with that fabric I bought at (fill in the blank)” OR  “OMG, I could never make that!” OR “I love those colors together, I would never have thought to put (blank and blank) in the same quilt” OR ” Oh my god, what was she thinking?!” Or maybe while strolling through the vendors you thought–”How cute is that? It would be perfect for (fill in the blank), OR “I don’t need a pattern for that. It’s just (fill in the blank)”, OR “Way too many pieces in that, I’d never do it.” OR “That fabric is gorgeous. I’ll just get one yard” OR “I don’t need any more fabric, so I’ll just get a fat quarter.”  Wouldn’t it be fun (and rude) if I could have carried a little tape recorder around to listen in and record all the variations on those remarks? Be honest, you know you’ve heard them all, and you probably have said them all too!

I’ll be honest…as much as I’m enjoying this show and all the things that go with it, I’ll be glad when it’s over. I’m exhausted and I don’t even have much responsibility for its running-just my own demos. Tremendous thanks and appreciation go to Kelly Miller and all her chairpersons, and anyone who made the show a reality. Now go have a glass of ___, get in your favorite chair, and take a nap, you’ve earned it!

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